Benefits Of A Hosted Desktop

For many SMEs the question as to whether they should go with a hosted desktop is one that can give the decision makers many a sleepless night. Will the initial outlay be recovered in terms of overall efficiency and long-term savings? What will the impact be on the day to day running of the business? […]

The Use Of Backlit Graphics

In film or television it is extremely likely that you will have seen backlit graphics used at some point and they are a desirable feature. A lot of different films have used backlit graphics such as Armageddon, Terminator 2 and The Fifth Element, to name but three, and it really is a product in high […]

How to Improve Laptop Battery Life

One of the biggest computer maintenance dilemmas is how to improve laptop battery life. There are several simple practices that will actually help to extend and improve your laptop’s battery life. Turn off, unplug, eject, disable and close – everything that’s not in use Your computer settings above all have a huge part to play […]