Ever Wondered How To Take Perfect Panoramic Shots?

How to take the perfect panorama shot When you see a great panoramic picture you can’t help but get a sense of the view the photographer must have had when they took the picture. Not only is this type of photography a great form of photo art, but they have become a valuable tool in […]

Resume That SELLS YOU! 5 Steps To Writing An Effective Resume

Applying for jobs can be so stressful. You know how it goes: after nitpicking over your resume, you start sending it out, and just wait and wait for a call from any one of your prospective employers. When you don’t, you start feeling like you’re no good at all. Maybe you should examine the crucial […]

Using History To Create Great Jewelry Design

I often get asked by young designers where I get my jewelry ideas from. No one has ever been able to successfully analyze creativity to the level where it can be reproduced. If Picasso, for example, would give you art classes, there is a good chance that you will become a skillful artist, but in […]

Funky Flower Cupcakes

These cupcakes are ideal for a young girl’s birthday party. They are fun, colorful, easy to make and people will think you spent so much time creating these designer inspired cupcakes. The print design is created by printing on an edible icing sheet with edible ink. You can use the design shown or create an […]

Simple Mind Games That Will Help You Get Creative

As a jeweler and a designer, I need to come up with new creative ideas almost on a daily basis. While I consider all creative jobs to be fulfilling and enjoyable, the constant need to come up with new ideas may prove to be very difficult, especially if you need to do this over a […]

Animated Easter Bunnies You Say??

Easter’s not too far away, meaning that it’s worth thinking about what some of the best eCards are out there for the season. What are some of the main categories for these cards, from animated bunnies through to more traditional designs? What are the best cards to send to different people, and what other eCards […]

5 Tips for Professional Quality Photos

Have you always wanted to take photos like the pros? Do you love taking pictures but wish you could make them look more like the ones you admire on the Internet? The good news about digital photography and equipment today is that there is more opportunity for even the layperson to take professional quality photos. […]

Choosing The Right Photography Gear For Your Needs

Photography is a wonderful hobby that offers both practicality and room for artistic growth. Fortunately, there are more options available for new photographers than ever before; on the other hand, those looking to learn about photography will need to learn a considerable amount of information. Despite this, the learning curve for photography equipment is still […]

Why Give Graffiti a Chance?

This post answers the following questions 1) How does graffiti became popular? 2) What are the goals behind graffiti? 3) How graffiti help artists express themselves? 4) What is the distinct look of graffiti? 5) What graffiti can last a long time? Ever looked at a graffiti-laden wall and felt conflicting emotions of love and […]

Getting a Jump on Holiday Picture Cards

This post answers the following questions 1) What is the popular option for holiday cards? 2) Whom should you turn to when designing your holiday photo card? 3) What brings out your natural beauty? 4) What are the skills of a professional photographer? 5) What is a photography studio The holidays are fast approaching, and […]

How to Choose a Location for a Fashion Photo Shoot

A fashion photo shoot is a work of art, a carefully constructed scene which shows off not only the beauty of the clothing but also the character of the model and the intrigue of the location. A great fashion photo shoot should be creative, original and tell a story. The location is a huge part […]

How Much Do You Care About Art?

It sometimes seems rather strange to think about the different abilities, thoughts and approaches that human beings appear to possess. Why is it that we are all so different? Some people excel when it comes to mathematics and the sciences. Others find such subjects impossible to understand, but are amazingly creative. It is, of course, […]


Decent content or will just any old content do?  The last year has seen something of an about turn for content providers and those looking for content.  SEO copywriters are not exactly thin on the ground, although good copy is still harder to find than bad.  The quality of the results from Google, as far […]


There are both times of happiness and sorrow And if all that’s left is a bleak tomorrow Tomorrows sorrow is an eternity away And with I say Give thanks today For in the moment is how live Remembrance of the past is what we give Our thought and attention leaves little mention To futures yet […]


Injustice I would argue that most people are unable to truly trust And as result of this they must Be themselves the first to deceive And as they conceive their plots of treachery The misery of it all, is that the righteous always fall While the wicked remain tall, seemingly apart and alone from us […]

Films from the South Festival

On the 4th October, for ten days the Films from the South festival opens in a celebration of world cinema. Established in 1991, FFS is a film festival based in Oslo, the capital of Norway, and is a celebration of films and filmmakers from Latin America, Africa, and Asia. In its 22nd year it has […]

‘Stunning piece by… Oh who’s Mike Perry?’

Okay, Mike Perry, not exactly a house hold name when it comes to the world of art. However, this upcoming modern day Picasso is one of those artists who only come around every so often, a diamond in the rough. Based in the busy inner city of Brooklyn, New York, Perry is a contemporary artist […]

How Can Conference Calls Help Bloggers?

this post answers the following questions 1. How can conference calls help businesses and others? 2. How can conference calls help bloggers for their development? 3. How can conference calls help bloggers manage their team? 4. Can a blogger hold a webinar using conference calls? 5. Can a blogger benefit from using conference calls? Most […]

Create an Art Deco Interior Living Space

Art Deco holds a dominant position in the history of design and is a style that has influenced many artistic movements over the past few decades. Art Deco has also inspired modern interior design, thanks to its clean lines and sleek style, and is thus a popular design element in homes today. This article outlines […]

How to generate blog post ideas

this post answers the following questions 1. Why is blogging a fantastic business practice? 2. Why is it important to schedule blogging time? 3. Is it easy to decide a theme for your blog? 4. Can customers’ questions help you with your blogging? 5. Why is it important to keep a note of all your […]

Recovering Writing Skills after a Stroke

Suffering a stroke can be one of the most debilitating events in a person’s life; as the second most common cause of death in the world and a leading cause of adult disability, a stroke may cause visual and cognitive problems, as well as the paralysis of one or more limbs to anyone who survives […]

How to Write a Letter of Condolence

A word of sympathy can mean a lot to a grieving friend or family member.  A letter of condolence is usually a short, formal letter that contains a tribute to the deceased and words of sympathy for the members of the grieving family.  These letters are often given within two weeks after the death. Step […]

How to Write a Resume

Finding a job that will suit you may not be as easy as getting hired.  But almost everyone will say that being accepted to a job is not exactly a piece of cake either.  With the current economic crisis, applying for a job became more competitive than ever.  Even getting that coveted interview will be […]

How to Write a Review of a Book, Movie, or Play

You have probably come across a review in a magazine or in a blog.  A review is an article or an essay that provides a critical evaluation to an artistic work, as in a play, book, or a movie.  Every once in a while, you may also have the opportunity, whether voluntary or not, to […]