Top 5 Myths About Male Nurses

this post answers the following questions
1. Is it true that all male nurses are gay?
2. Is male nurses happy with their position?
3. Is it true that male nurses will always be outnumbered by women?
4. Is it also rue that male nurses will always be favored over women?
5. Is male nurses only employed because of their strength?

In the growing medical field, more and more men are becoming licensed and registered as nurses. No longer is nursing a female-dominated field and many people are beginning to realize this. Unfortunately, because it is still somewhat new for men to be joining this profession, there are many myths circulating around hospitals about being a male nurse and what it means for the hospital they are working in. Knowing some of these myths and why they are not necessarily true can help if you are a male nurse or are currently working with one in your healthcare facility.

1. All Male Nurses Are Gay

The myth that all male nurses are gay is completely untrue. There are many male nurses who are happily married with children while working in this female-dominated field. While there are probably many male nurses who are gay, there is an equal amount who are not. The same theory can be applied to women working as nurses. There are many homosexual female nurses just like there are many heterosexual female nurses.

2. Male Nurses Are Doctors In-Training

Many people assume that male nurses are just working as nurses before they go on to become doctors. While this may be true for some, most male nurses are quite happy in their current profession and may only be looking to advance themselves in the nursing field alone.

3. Male Nurses Will Always Be Outnumbered by Women

This myth is also untrue because the number of male nurses is continually growing. The reason for this is due to the fact that medical school and the process to become a doctor is so excessive that people of all genders are finding it easier and more rewarding to become nurses. After all, nurses make a lot of money and do not have to carry malpractice insurance like doctors do.

4. Male Nurses Will Always Be Favored Over Women

All hospitals have to follow strict employment guidelines when hiring or promoting workers. As a male nurse, you are not going to be favored over anyone else unless your credentials are better than other nurses. Your gender has absolutely no role in whether or not you receive employment. The only thing that will cause you to be favored would be your level of education and past work experience.

5. Male Nurses Are Only Employed Because of Their Strength

Many people think that male nurses are often employed by hospitals and favored by hospitals because they tend to have more strength. More strength comes in handy when lifting patients and wheeling patients from one room to the next. While it can be true that most men have more strength than women because of predisposed genetics, this is not necessarily why they are hired. Female nurses need to be able to pick up and move patients just as easily as their male counterparts.

It is easy to see why there are so many myths about male nurses circulating around. You may even find that female nurses become paranoid about their jobs when a male nurse starts working on their floor or in their ward. Male nurses are just as good at their job as female nurses and the amount of men entering this field is continually growing. The best thing to do when it concerns male nurse myths is to remember that there are just as many myths going around about female doctors. These myths need to stop circulating around so that everyone can realize that it’s about a person’s level of expertise and not about their gender.

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Robin Martin is a pediatric nurse and guest author at RN to BSN Programs, a site with rankings of online RN to BSN degree programs.

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