Prepping For Your First Day Of Your Medical Internship

Congratulations on your first day of your medical internship.  All that studying and tuition is about to pay off.  It is an anxiety-ridden endeavor, but if you take a deep breath and remember some simple things like making sure to study the week prior, being proactive with getting to know the people and the places, and making sure you have all the necessary equipment, like scrub uniforms, you can at least take some of the guesswork out of your first day.

Make Sure to Study

Sure, interning is a learning exercise, so it’s quite normal to not know everything off the top of your head.  You may not be expected to be a walking medical dictionary, but you are supposed to look like you will be a competent doctor one day.  The first week before your internship, you should be making sure you know the basics, so when a question is asked, you have a good chance of knowing the answer.

Be Proactive

A hospital is a hustling, bustling, busy place to work.  With all the moving around and the wide variety of employees to familiarize yourself with, it could get overwhelming.  You should know, at the very least, whom you are reporting to at the beginning of your first day.  Know their name, their title, and where you are expected to meet with them.  If you can, show up a half an hour early and get acquainted with the building layout and the people you’ll be working with.  Be especially friendly with the staff of nurses who you will be working with as you learn your trade.  You will be working with them most often, so it is vital to get into their good graces.

Have the Necessary Equipment

Nothing could feel worse than feeling unprepared, especially on your first day of your internship.  Check and double check that you have everything that is required of you.  Whether you need to provide your own stethoscope, scrub uniforms, or even a pencil, you should be on top of it and have everything.  You do not want to be known as the guy or girl that had to borrow someone else’s stethoscope so make sure it is all in reach when you go to leave in the morning.  Wasting time looking for everything is an unnecessary time-waster and stressor and you should devote your mind on other things.

You didn’t get this far in your career without hard work, so don’t let up now.  If you remember the little things, the next phase will seem much less scary.  Don’t forget to breathe.  That’s pretty important, too.

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