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There are not many more frustrating things than having to watch somebody struggle to understand something you know to be incredibly simple. It is difficult to have patience with somebody when they seem to purposely mess up the simple instructions you have asked them to follow.

It is frustrating, but it is life. Different people have different skill sets and an expert must always know how to simplify a process when explaining it to a novice. You may feel as though the person you are talking too is stupid for failing to understand, but perhaps you are the one who is at fault as it is you who is unable to explain the solution in basic terms.

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All of the knowledge in the world is of little use if you do not know how to communicate it to others, especially when this is your job. Here are a few tips for those IT people who might need a lesson in how to make themselves properly understand by their customers. Remember, the customer is always right!

Just Remember that You are Talking to Another Person: When somebody is frustrating you as they are unable to comprehend what you are telling them, it is essential that you do not let this frustration get the better of you. Instead, count to ten and remember that the person next to you, or on the other end of the line, is another human being just like your best friend or one of your parents.

This person is not intentionally trying to mess up. You must never show a customer that you have lost patience with them. It is your job to provide them with a service, not to make them feel stupid for not being able to follow your instruction. Kind words and an ability to break everything down into the most simple and easy to understand steps will soon have the problem resolved and your customer happy with the job you have done for them.

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Learn How to Small Talk: It may sound silly but if you aren’t able to knock some down some of the barriers of impersonality that exist from the start in the dynamic between service provider and customer then it is very difficult for you interact in a successful way. In learning how to generate a little bit of small talk that is unrelated to the problem at hand, you are able to develop a sense of who the person you are talking to. Once you have made even the most rudimentary of personal connections, the resolution of the problem will come easier. Make reference to the place the customer is from if you know that place, or even simply mention the weather. Any kind of interaction that breaks the ice will engender trust and patience on both ends of the communication.

Go to a Class: All of the little tips in the world might not be of any use if you are unable to see how things should really be done. You may well be labouring under the misapprehension that your customer service skills are adequate when in fact they are downright terrible. Customer service training is not something that you should turn your nose up at. It is a really helpful way to make you see how you can do your job better. If you feel frustrated when dealing with a customer, imagine how they feel. A few lessons from a professional on how to improve in this field will see everybody coming out a winner!

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