Why You Should Manage Your Practice With EMR Software

More and more doctor’s offices are making the transition to EMR software, or electronic medical records.  They are finding that using electronic medical records helps them in many ways, including reducing their costs, increasing their level of patient care, and managing their practices.  This transition has helped improve the overall experience for many patients when they visit their doctor.

Reduced Costs
Running a medical office is expensive, regardless of what specialty you are. Physicians who have implemented electronic medical records are finding dramatic savings in many areas.  Because everything is processed through their computers (including patient paperwork and billing), practices that once spent a large amount on paper each month are only spending a fraction of that now.  Many practices have been able to decrease the amount of administrative employees on staff because electronic medical records eliminate the need for tasks like reminder phone calls and prepping charts as well.

Increased Level of Patient Care
Patients are finding many changes upon visiting their doctor’s office.  By using paper charts, you would make notes by hand, either as you were talking or once the patient appointment was finished.  However, electronic medical software gives you the ability to take notes on your computer during a patient’s appointment.  That means more accurate patient charting.  Electronic medical records also offer the added benefit of electronic prescriptions, which means patients can fill their medications faster.  You will be alerted to any problems or interactions with a patient’s current medications as new ones are ordered.  Also, electronic medical records can be accessed anywhere.  So, if a patient calls you in an emergency, you will have access to the chart without being in the office.

Practice Management
One of the best features of electronic medical records is the practice management section of the software.  Medical staff are able to quickly schedule appointments through a system that can also handle reminder phone calls.  Billing, while once a tedious task, can be processed through this system as well.  Electronic billing means that there are less billing errors, and any billing errors that do make it through the system can be caught, fixed, and resubmitted electronically.  Insurance payments can also be processed through electronic medical records software, which is a great feature.

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Every day, doctors are realizing the value of electronic medical records to their practices.  The benefits are incredible, and patients love the convenience.  Medical staff love the fact that they get more face-to-face interaction with patients because a lot of their mundane, yet necessary work is being accomplished by computers.  As more practices begin using EMR software, you can be sure you will be seeing happier doctors, patients and staff members.

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