Why You Should Crime Proof Your Business With Window Grills

Security is of paramount importance in this crime laden society that we are living in. It’s a sad truth that crime rates are on the rise, and that out of all crimes committed, a large majority are either burglaries or robberies. To make matters even worse, businesses are usually prime targets. However, with high crime rates comes high security measures, and window grills can offer the solid protection that your business needs.

Why are businesses a target?

Thieves will often choose to carry out a burglary on a business over a domestic property, and this isn’t down to chance. If you think about it, businesses can be an obvious target for thieves. There are several factors that make this the case:

  • Businesses are often unoccupied at night
  • Many business sites are tucked away out of the public eye
  • The value of items in a business premises is often greater than in a home
  • Thieves can easily evaluate when a business premises is occupied or not

All of the above factors make it very simple for opportunist thieves to take their chance. Unlike a domestic property, where it can be occupied at irregular times during the day, businesses often run like clockwork. If your premises are open from 9am – 5pm, then a thief can easily spot this and plan an attack during the night. It’s this predictability that makes businesses such an attractive target.

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How do window grills protect a business?

There are several reasons why window grills can offer protection to business. The first, and perhaps most obvious reason, is their ability to deter thieves. Window grills are obvious security measures. They will cover every window and entry point into your premises, and are often installed on the outside of your property. When a thief spots a business protected by window grills, they have little opportunity to break in and little reason to take a second glance.

Secondly, window grills are great overall protectors of your premises. Even if a thief does decide to try their luck and attempt a break in, they are going to find it extremely difficult to actually execute their plan. The grills are often made out of a solid, robust metal. They also give the thief no means of bypassing them to get at your windows or doors. It would take a very stupid thief to attempt a break in on a place that has good security measures in place, especially if the business down the road has exposed windows and doors. Make sure your business isn’t that business down the road.

Are they expensive?

Surprisingly, window grills are probably more affordable than you think. Plus, with great security in place, you’re likely to see a reduction in your insurance premiums. The real question you have to ask is: What would be the potential financial damage if I suffered a break in? If that figure is high, then window grills are probably worth investing in.

Stuart Withers is an internet author, copywriter, and business owner who knows the importance of good security measures. He uses window grills for his own premises and has never suffered a break in. If you want to see a great range of window grills, then he recommends visiting West Midland Shutters, who are a leading supplier of security goods.

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