Why You Should Consider Using The DHL Parcel Delivery Service

DHL is now seen as one of the biggest global brands in the world and are now considered to be the number one logistics company. Through reliability, speedy service and accessibility, DHL is now widely used across 220 different countries.

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DHL offer several different services to their online DHL parcel delivery service. The five services are parcel/document express delivery, freight by air, ocean, road and rail, warehousing and distribution services, supply chain services and international mail services.

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The parcel/document express delivery service is the consumer door to door delivery service. Parcels can be shipped by time delivery targets or even same day delivery and consumers can choose up to 200 countries with which to deliver to.

The freight by air/ocean/road and rail service offers deliveries of any kind given the size of DHL as a company they can offer the logistics to cover whatever needs to be shipped.

Warehousing and distribution services offer businesses the chance to use DHL for shared and dedicated warehouse operations in order to ensure that delivery of high service is an option for all businesses.

Supply chain solutions offer businesses the chance to have more value than just a delivery service, DHL will supply an account manager who will help with the movement of goods from the planning stage all the way through to the delivery stage. This includes implementing delivery strategies for a business such as Just-In-Time whereby the account manager will devise a strategy and put measures in place to make sure this can be realistically met, such as having the space and resources to get products out the customers on time.

Being a multinational and well renowned delivery company, DHL have the capabilities of covering their services on an international scale, giving global multinationals the scope to cover deliveries with up to 220 countries around the world. These services can be met by air, rail or even through huge cargo ships. Due to their global branding and international name, the DHL parcel delivery service has become a renowned brand that is notable for reliability and speed of delivery.

The article was written by John Dillon, a logistics expert who recommends the DHL parcel delivery service.

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