Who Are The Biggest Influences In The Tobacco Industry?

Tobacco Companies

Regardless of legislative measures put in place to discourage smoking and ban advertising, it is undeniable that the most influence in the tobacco industry still sits in the hands of the tobacco companies themselves.

The main reason for this is that they have been able to build themselves up into an extremely strong position over a number of years, to the point where an advertising and display ban does not impact on their business all that much. The tobacco companies are still global brands, instantly recognisable and have a prominent position in the public consciousness.

Global Governments

The influence that governments hold over the tobacco industry is plain for all to see. While global initiatives such as a ban on tobacco advertising, and in many countries a ban on tobacco displays, have been implemented, the tobacco companies are able to generate huge revenues even now. One way that tobacco companies are tacked is through heavy taxation, with increasing amounts of money fed into charities and health services aimed at increasing the numbers of people who look to quit smoking.

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Governments around the world are also responsible for wider legislation, such as the “Smoking Kills” message that by law has to be displayed on cigarette packets, as well as setting the age at which people can legally buy cigarettes. As statistics show that most smokers start in their early teens, most countries’ legislation states that individuals can only buy cigarettes at a later age, such as 18 or 21.

Smoking Cessation Groups

One group which is growing massively in influence is the smoking cessation lobby. These work closely alongside government groups to discuss what best practice should be going forward. Prominent organisations who are involved at this level include electronic cigarette companies, as well as manufacturers of other smoking cessation aids such as patches and gum.

Medical professionals also fall into this group, and they are perhaps the biggest source of evidence and expert advice that government and other groups rely on in order to form a compelling case for the development of new legislation. An electronic cigarette company has a key role to play in this area, as electronic cigarettes are growing in popularity and proving to be more successful at getting people to permanently quit than other methods of smoking cessation.

The tobacco industry remains a highly lucrative market within the economy, with those influential groups all seemingly pulling in different directions. Globally, it would be sensible if public health concerns became the number one priority for all concerned, including the tobacco companies themselves.

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