Who Are The ‘Big Six’ Energy Suppliers?

In the UK you will often see news articles or stories on the television about the big six energy suppliers, but with so many different electricity suppliers and gas companies around these days it’s hard to know who they are.

This blog breaks down the ‘Big Six’ with a little information regarding their latest price rises provided with each one.

British Gas

When people think of a big UK energy supplier, they will often name British Gas first of all.

Owned by Centrica, the firm is definitely one of the more memorable firms within the Big Six.

Despite the name however, British Gas is also one of the main electricity suppliers in the country, proving especially popular with many businesses within the UK.

Last October, British Gas increased its energy prices by six per cent.

Scottish and Southern Electric

Scottish and Southern Electric is the second largest supplier of energy in the UK, focusing in particular on their key role as electricity suppliers to a number of areas of Britain.

Now more commonly known as SSE, the firm was formed in 1998 after Scottish Hydro Electric and Southern Electric merged to form one company.

The firm bumped up its energy prices by nine per cent in mid-October.



EDF actually stands for Electricite de France.

Formed in 2003, the firm manages its own supply of electrical energy and has a number of nuclear power stations which it uses to provide electricity to both home and business users alike.

EDF recently agreed a deal with National Rail that will see around 75% of UK railways powered by predominantly nuclear generated electricity by 2020.

The firm recently bumped up its bills by 10.8%, the biggest rise in bills from a company within the ‘Big Six’.


Npower was initially established as National Power all the way back in 1990.

The firm also bumped up its gas bills by 8.8% and electricity bills by 9.1%, at the tail end of last year.


Formerly known as Powergen, and established in 1990 like npower, the firm was then bought out by the German energy group E.On in 2002 before it too took on its new owner’s name.

E.On increased its bills by 9.4% for gas and 7.7% for electricity.

Scottish Power

Scottish Power is one of the UK’s longest running energy providers.

The firm hit its customers with an 8.7% increase in its energy bills that came into effect in December.

As you can see, all of the Big Six energy firms have increased their bills over the last four or five months.

With so many electricity suppliers on the market though, you can always change to one that seems more suitable to your needs.

This is actually a simple process, but people often get so complacent with the energy firm they are with, that they don’t really make the effort to shop around.

Hopefully after reading this blog, you will now feel that you are better equipped with the knowledge that you can, if you wish to, change energy supplier relatively easy. You should feel free to look for a firm which offers you the best deal.

Louisa Jenkins is an energy advisor who offers advise on the big electricity suppliers and also gives people help on the best ways to switch supplier, if they wish to change from their old company.

Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/juggernautco/6903037213/

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