What You Need To Attend a Trade Show

If you’ve decided to promote your business and attend your first trade show then you probably need a few things. Since it’s your first show, you might not know what those things are. First, you should contact the show or event and see if they will be providing a booth and tables. If not, definitely add these and perhaps a few chairs and beverages to your list.

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Here are some other items that you will need to promote your business:


You want people to know who you are and banners are the easiest way to tell them. Consider a banner across the top of your booth as well as perhaps two feather or upright banners in front of your booth if allowed. These will attract attention and allow more people to see your brand name and therefore your business.  Try printing your banners with graphics, logos, advertisements or anything else and consider buying exhibition stands to prop them up.

Business Cards & Flyers

Handing out papers for promotion is often considered a thing of the past but it’s very useful at business shows. Giving out a physical reminder of your business is always a great option because it will remind people of you after they go home. Usually business cards are the better option because they conveniently fit into wallets and purses where they are harder to lose. If you have a large budget, try getting free merchandise like key chains and hats to hand out as well.

A Working Website

Chances are you’ll be directing the people you meet somewhere so why not direct them to a website. Make sure the site looks good, has relevant information and doesn’t have any errors. You should do this before you go to the event so that you can promote your site during the show.  A great website should demo your product or service so that customers can easily see what you offer, no matter what it is.

Exhibition Stands

Chances are you’ve made up some great content to show off at the trade show. Why not get exhibition stands to actually show it off! You’ll look a lot more professional than if you taped your presentations or banners to your booth, and you might even attract more attention as well. Exhibition stands can be used to hold up banners, graphics and even advertisements so you can’t lose either way. Best of all, you can use them around your business when you leave the trade show.

If you’re trying to display banners or graphics of any kind, make sure you have exhibition stands to display them properly.

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