What Makes a Small Eatery Stand Out Against Bigger Restaurants?

Often, a small eatery gets lost in the wealth of big-name franchises and names. People may drive past your small eatery unless you know how to make it stand out against bigger restaurants. The fact is that even if small eatery owners are unable to look forward to long weekends and are unable to count on a steady paycheck, the advantages of owning a small eatery far outweigh the disadvantages and doing all you can to stand out will be worth the effort.  Remember that when you own a small eatery you get to know people in the neighborhood and can get your relatives to run the establishment as there is the potential to make significant amounts of cash.

Making Yourself Visible in Your Neighborhood

One way of standing out against bigger restaurants is to make yourself more familiar. Since people see big name brands everywhere, this helps them become more familiar and comfortable. If customers eat in your small eatery and have a great, enjoyable meal without the buzz of the bigger traffic that larger chains have, they may develop a good, familiar feeling each time they see your eatery. To do this, make yourself a familiar face in the neighborhood and make yourself ‘felt’ through advertising and media. You should use visible and easy to read large signs. Create a specific font and style when designing your eatery’s logo. Use a catchy phrase and begin putting your logo everywhere. You are attempting to become more familiar and need to be visible. Use your logo and brand on your menu, business card and when you advertise online and in the community newspapers.

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Use Business Cards

The last thing small-business owners feel they need is a set of business cards. Many small-eatery owners think that after all, the eatery they own is small and quaint and aren’t business cards for bigger businesses? Wrong. The fact is when you are hanging out with your kids’ classmates waiting for them in school or watching a game, handing out you small eatery’s business card to parents you meet will help them remember the name of our place rather than having to rely on memory. To stand out against bigger businesses, you will need to whip out your business card and hand these out to people you meet. Make sure it has the same brand, catchy phrase and logo as your big, visible sign.

Have a Specialty and Promote It

To stand out against bigger businesses, you need to have a specialty. Giving people reason to come check out your small eatery will mean serving them something worth their effort. Whether you are kosher, vegetarian, have outrageous desserts, home-cooking, a great menu for appetizers or the best steaks, you will need to offer something the big guys don’t. Find something in the menu to make your small eatery stand out and promote it greatly.

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