What Commercial Laundry Equipment Do I Need When Setting Up A Laundrette Business?

When setting up a new business in the Commercial Laundry Industry it is very important that you purchase the correct laundry equipment for the job. There is so much you need to think about before buying the equipment…

How often will the piece of equipment be used?
If your equipment is to be used a lot during the day you need to purchase something that is durable and built to last. Looking to buy commercial laundry equipment that has a guarantee is a good idea as this will cover faults regardless of how often it is to be used. Do not choose domestic equipment. Domestic appliances are not made to function as a launderette does. They are made for families to use them maybe once a day.

Is it easy to repair?
This is something that is very important as you do not want the washing machine or dryer to break down and then either have to wait weeks for it to be fixed, as this will result in a loss of business over this period. You should also look to find a company that will cover your repairs; if they won’t then be sure to choose a make and model where replacement parts are not going to be expensive.

Commercial Washing Machines
These are most commonly used in Laundrettes. When considering what washing machine to go for you need to look at efficiency, as you need to pick something that isn’t going to cost a lot to run. You should also look into load size – a 5kg drum will not do the amount of washing that you need it to – commercial washing machines can do loads of up to 100kg. Each washing machine will have different options for spin and water consumption – the models that have a lower water consumption also require less detergent so money can be saved here.

Laundrette Business

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Tumble Dryers
After you’ve washed the clothes you’ll need to dry them but choosing your tumble dryer is a decision that’s just as important as choosing your washing machine. One of the areas to consider when buying a tumble dryer is their energy efficiency. There are some models that are very good at drying but cost a high amount to run. If your business is also going to provide an ironing service then be sure to purchase a dryer that reduces creases as this will save time when ironing.

Amy Harris has worked in the commercial laundry equipment industry for a number of years and helped many businesses set-up successfully. Further tips can be found at www.opl-ltd.co.uk.

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