What Can a Business Owner do to Earn Business from Latinos?

Latinos are encompassing a larger and larger portion of the consumer community year after year. They are becoming an important constituency in certain industries more than others; however, all businesses can definitely benefit from the pure volume of sales that they can get by appealing to the Latino community in their locale.

Although the specific nature of appealing to a Latino community is somewhat defined by that community, there are some overarching themes that all businesses can take into account. Below are some of the things that all businesses can do to appeal to Latino communities around them.

One – Make sure that your website and all marketing materials account for Spanish-speaking people.

Many Latinos are bilingual, but they prefer to speak in Spanish. Speaking in Spanish provides a sense of familiarity that English sometimes does not within the Latino community.

Most webpages can easily expand to include a Spanish translation on a separate page. There are also applications that can be used to instantly translate your page from English to Spanish and back again.

Two – Use images that Latinos are familiar with and respond to well.

Just like there are images that conjure up certain feelings within other demographics, there are certain images that are mainstays within the Latino community as well. In order to learn what these images are, you must immerse yourself in Latino culture.

Depending on the type of business you have, you may want to use older cultural icons of the Latino community or update your marketing to include current pop-culture references.

Three – Make sure that you really do “speak the language.”

This tip is especially important if your target market is a younger demographic within the Latino community: Make sure that you speak the current pop-culture slang of the community.

It is easy to tell when an outsider is coming in and trying to pander to a certain demographic. Youth of all cultures are especially attuned to this type of marketing. You must make sure that your use of the nuances within the youth culture language come from a true place. This is the point at which you may want to hire a Latino marketing specialist or do other types of marketing research within the Latino community, paying special attention to the nuances of the language.


Four – Make sure that your product has appeal for the Latino community.

Before you will be able to sell to the Latino community, you must first make sure that your product has an overall appeal to the Latino community.

This is an especially important tip if you are dealing in foodstuffs or other kinds of extras for the dinner table. It is also especially important for restaurants. If you want more Latino business, then you must make sure to get involved with the Latino culture when it comes to food.

Five – Create partnerships with known quantities within the Latino community.

After your company has done its own research into the Latino community, one of the best ways to spread the word about a product or a brand that is ready is to partner with a known quantity within the Latino community. There are many Latino celebrities who are quite well-known within the community, but who are not receiving their just due when it comes to celebrities fees and endorsements. This means that you may be able to get a deal on a well-known name within the Latino community to patronize your business.

Six – Perform market research within the Latino community specifically.

If you want to know what is popular within the Latino community in your area, then you must take great pains to learn what is going on within the culture internally. There are many things that all cultures do when they mix at work or in public that they do completely differently when they are among their own. You want to understand the differences in behavior and appeal to Latinos as an individual group rather than as a part of a whole.

This may require doing specialized focus groups about your product within the Latino community to see how they feel about your services. You can also perform surveys on customers that you already have coming into your stores.

Seven – Perform giveaways that are meant for the Latino community specifically.

One of the best tried-and-true methods of expanding a business is to give something away free. Connect the giveaway to your business and see what becomes a topic of discussion within social circles.

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