What Buyers Look for When Purchasing Hotel Contract Beds

When a hotel is ready to choose its sleeping furniture, they have to first find a contract bed supplier. These companies work with industries and will supply for their specific wishes.

Hotel buyers who want their hotels to stand out and be unique has a lot to look for. Besides the obvious such as styling that compliments their hotel rooms, the materials in which the beds are made and their overall comfort are two other important deciding factors.

Headboards are a substantial component that buyers consider. They reflect the style of the bed quite clearly and are a good indication when planning the arrangement of the room. Wooden headboards are traditionally the chosen favourite, primarily down to the fact that their look is very versatile and will suit most type of designs. They also have many different finishes such as honey oak, mahogany, and deep brown, all being relatively easy to clean and manage.

Metal headboards are commonly made from brass and iron; however, steel can also be an option. People looking to decorate in a modern, contemporary kind of way may favour these materials. However, one disadvantage is that they can be extremely heavy and not provide much warmth during the winter months.

The most common headboard you will spot in most top end hotels is the ‘upholstered’ style. Many claim this adds ‘tranquillity’ to a bed and will coax a sense of relaxation. They are also very comfortable to lean back on if reading a book or having breakfast in bed.

All of these headboards can be made with recyclable materials so keep your eyes peeled.

The base of a bed is its support. Whilst choosing the strongest material might spring to mind first, buyers must also think about what are the most hygienic, safest and perhaps most adaptable products for their niche of hotel.

‘Slate’ bases are normally made of timber. The slates run from left to right under the mattress with measured gaps in between to allow air circulation. They are easy to assemble and very compact, making them easily to move. They also add more softness than other bed bases due to their slate spacing. Some slate beds also have springs on the underside to protect it from damage. These springs can also make the bed feel even more cushioned by managing weight absorption and balance.

A platform base seems to be favoured by most high class hotels and is easily recognisable due to its sleekness. This solid structure is normally a slab of heavy wood that runs the length and width of the bed to provide maximum support for the mattress. Public opinion also concurs that solid bases give the bed a more ‘firm’ feel. Whilst looking great and in some cases admirably stylish they do not help the prolongation of the mattress. Due to them being pretty air tight, condensation does build up and unfortunately can cause the mattress to go soggy and mould.

Some say the most important factor for choosing a contract bed set-up is the mattress. Whilst this can largely depend on your clientele, choosing the right mattress can spell the difference between an average reputation and a ‘where can I buy that type of bed’ desire.

The most preferred is the ‘inner spring’ mattress. Consisting on average between 300-800 coils, an inner spring mattress functions by each coil working in unison rather than separately like a ‘pocket spring’ mattress. On the whole, spring mattresses seem to get the most positive feedback from guests; however, ‘latex’ mattresses are now forming a decent reputation due to their heat management quality.

Memory foam mattresses are another option available. Due to their ability to return to their natural shape after pressure is lifted from them, this is ideal for beds that will be slept in by many different people.

As you can see, hotels have to be extremely particular when purchasing contract beds. To add, the average order is normally quite large so thorough inspection of the goods regarding faults, checking of fire certificates and general health inspections must be taken seriously.

This article was written by Misty Angel on behalf of Hotel Contract Beds – dealer of top quality hotel contract beds in the UK. They have the largest inventory of hotel beds and mattresses at very competitive prices designed to suit your every needs.


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