Turn Your Traditional Marketing Team Into Digital Divas!

Marketing is built into the backbone of the American economy. Without marketing, there would be no new awareness for products, whether that product is a person or a thing. When you have a product that you are trying to sell to the public, it is a good idea to go into it with the advice and guidance of a marketing team. The only problem is, in this day and age, marketing is most frequently found online. The Internet has taken over a huge chunk of the marketing world, and traditional marketing teams will need to make the jump into the digital realm to really get exposure and publicity for a product.

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• Traditional Marketing is built upon four basic principles that are also known as the “Four Ps.” These four Ps are Product, Price, Promotion and Placement. This means that the product comes first, then price placement, then promotion and exposure for that product and last, distribution of that product.

• There is another difference between Traditional Marketing and the “New Marketing” of today, which consists of marketing strategies that are used online. This difference is that Traditional Marketing focuses solely on gaining attention for that brand or company. In other words, it is based on the company and focused on the product. New Marketing encompasses much more than that.

• Digital Marketing is the term most people are alluding to when they mention “New Marketing.” The online web allows companies to promote their products at cheaper prices than advertising with physical ads in papers, billboards and so forth. The exposure is also extremely widespread – think about it. People from China may be viewing something at the same time that someone in California is. The Internet has made such things possible.

• Digital Marketing basically includes using the television, radio, Internet, mobile devices and any other form of digital media to convey exposure for a product. It was previously seen as a stand-alone marketing plateau, but today it is accepted as a way to cover the same Traditional Marketing methods as in the past – but with a larger audience and a cheaper cost.

• How do you transform a Traditional Marketing team into Digital Divas, so to speak? The truth is, there is no major transformation. Traditional Marketers merely have to apply all of their strategies and techniques into the Internet world. One of the first ways to do this is by using one of the two digital marketing principles, called “Pull.” This is when a user must directly seek out the content that is being provided, such as a blog, website or other specific URL.

• “Push” is the other form of digital marketing. With this second form of marketing, you push the product at the users through interfaces such as Email and RSS feeds. Think of it as distributing mail throughout a city – it is the same thing, using digital means. The key is to apply traditional methods to digital platforms.

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