Top Tips For Writing An Effective Business Plan

So you have come up with your genius business idea, that light bulb moment when you realise your dreams and make the decision to make them a reality. Your next step, which is incredibly important, is to put your creative ideas onto paper and create a business plan. An effective business plan is a fundamental aspect to map out your route and also propose your ideas to possible investors. In this interesting article, we look at the top 5 tips to writing a business plan that is effective and impactful.

Top Tips On How To Write Great Business Plan

Language and presentation

Jargon is useless when proposing your idea to someone that does not have the same experience you have in your industry. It is also just considered frills and may be confusing. Rather use simple, straight forward language that gets your point across in a clear manner. Use illustrations and graphs where necessary to highlight your point and make sure the business plan is presented in a neat and professional manner.

The importance of research

Market research is fundamentally important. You need to do your home work extensively on your product, idea or service, and know who your competitors are and how they present themselves and their brand. Gather primary research from interviews, focus groups and in-depth surveys.

Have a specific target market

When your write and create your business plan, remember the importance of your target market. You need to know exactly who your target market is, their age, demographic, LSM and purchasing habits. Have a defined and specific target market and do not try to market to everyone. Not everyone will buy into your offering and you will waste important marketing strategies.

Be realistic and honest

As your goals should be realistic, so should your business plan. They need to be reachable and your business plan needs to show this. When preparing your business plan, also remember that honesty is the best policy and that you should explain and highlight any sources of income and annual revenue should be explained and substantiated. Be honest. Make sure revenue forecasts and breakeven points are realistic.

Revisit and evolve your business plan

Remember to revise your business plan even after your business is up and running and flourishing. When writing your business plan, have the future in mind and remember it is a working document. Revisit it occasionally and evolve it to meet the situation of your business.


Jemma Scott is an avid business freelance writer with an interest in business related advice and tips. Her advice and experience comes from extensive time in Toronto office space and other locations across the world.

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