Three Ways That a Staffing Service Can Help Your Medical Practice

The healthcare system has perhaps never been as overstretched as it is today. There are more patients than ever before requiring care. At the same time, hospitals and private practices are expected to do more with less or to charge their patients a higher premium for their services—something that no one really wants to do.

Due to the stress and variability of the healthcare system, hospital administrators often find themselves scrambling and scrounging to keep their hospitals adequately staffed. With so much competition for jobs, favorable shifts and higher paid positions elsewhere, it can be very hard to keep staff turnover down. Furthermore, it can be equally difficult to find employees that are high quality and well trained on such short notice. Staffing a hospital is not the same as staffing an office building or a retail center. Individuals who don’t have sufficient training or can’t perform under pressure simply won’t do when people’s lives and well being are at stake.

For employers looking to fill the gaps, seeking out locum tenens, otherwise known as temporary workers or place holders, is a good option. With the help of an employment agency, you can address all of your healthcare staffing needs, whether it is doctors, physician’s assistants or nursing jobs. While it may seem to be not an ideal option to hire temporary employees, there are a number of instances when it’s not only appropriate but preferable.

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  • You can rest assured that they are trained and capable to do the job.

If you’re looking for physicians that have strengths in a certain area or practice, you will have a more targeted approach by seeking the help of a professional employment agency. A professional service will also ensure the quality and training of your temporary hires so that you can rest assured that your hospital or practice is staffed in the best way possible.

  • You can quickly hire as many people as you need.

If your hospital is expanding or has experienced a significant spike in demand for services, you can use an employment agency to quickly increase your staffing rotation. This is a low risk option, especially if you’re unsure if your need for more employees will be permanent.

  • You have a variety of options available in one place.

It’s not just medical practitioners that an employment agency’s services can provide. If your hospital needs to be reviewed by an independent arbitrator or you need help getting back up to par on accounts or insurance claims, they can also provide workers across all disciplines, not just medicine.

It’s important to recognize when your hospital staff are overstretched. Hiring temporary workers through a staffing service is a prudent way to take the pressure off without committing to paying long-term salaries.

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