The Top 5 Online Marketing Mistakes and Failures

Whether you are a small business or the largest corporation, you must definitely adhere to certain types of unspoken rules within your online marketing campaign. Online marketing is, without a doubt, still the wild West of marketing disciplines. A company can quickly find themselves behind the eight ball with their core constituency with any one of the following five online marketing mistakes.

One – Employing a mass marketing technique

The global audience that the Internet promises does not give any business the excuse to try to dehumanize any single customer. People still like to be treated as individuals, and although it might take longer, any spam-based mass marketing strategy is sure to diminish the brand of any company in the eyes of a consumer base.

Another disadvantage of the mass marketing technique is that it is frowned upon by the major search engines. With all of the gatekeepers of the Internet now focused on driving local content and niche oriented keywords, any spam oriented techniques that are meant to “cast a wide net” might not just be detrimental to your business in humanized, but also in the eyes of the search engine algorithms that control the visibility of your website online.

Two – Relying on online marketing to make sales

Any online marketing campaign is not, in and of itself, the end of any marketing campaign. All online marketing is meant to drive an audience to a particular action. Despite the strides that online marketing has made, these actions are usually culminated off-line.

If you have a purely e-commerce business, this mistake can still apply to you. Even though you may never meet any of your customers off-line in person, you should still endeavor to create as much of a connection off of the Internet to make sure that you stay at the top of their minds when they turn off their computers.

Three – Relying on online marketing to keep a brand in the limelight

Although you can definitely reach many more people online that you can off-line with similar efforts, those contacts are usually not as personal online as they are off-line. As such, surely online marketing will not be able to keep any brand in the limelight. You must coordinate your online marketing efforts with your personal marketing efforts and PR efforts in order to maximize your overall marketing dollars.

Online marketing dollars can be used most effectively when they are utilized in tandem with an off-line campaign. Social networking is great for driving foot traffic; good search engine placement is wonderful for creating new lanes of customer acquisition. However, these relationships that you are building with your customers must be supplemented with some kind of personal touch that many times cannot be disseminated by an Internet marketing campaign.

Four – Relying on black hat outsourcing

Quick fix solutions often mean short-term solutions. There is no such thing as a marketing campaign that will create instant success for you online, especially in the post Penguin era. Any marketing partner that you take on should be in it with you for the long haul.

Five – Not watching your data

The absolute most important aspect of your marketing campaign is that it be adaptable with your data. The main advantage of campaigning online is that you can get very precise and specific statistics to act upon. Ignore the stats at your own peril.

It is likely that you do not have time to cover all of your online marketing needs yourself. In that case, many successful businesses have formed strategic partnerships with various aspects of their marketing campaign that they needed to outsource. If your need is modern and optimize web design, you have definitely come to the right place.

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