The Need for Speed

Did you ever see a successful market trader sitting down on the job and not yelling about how lovely his Rosy Apples were? No matter how busy or quiet the market was? Probably not. That’s because they know how to avoid the pitfalls that we can all fall into… especially when it’s quiet!

After all, we all have down times, not every shift or hour of the day is going to be as busy as a Carvery at Sunday Lunch – but it’s always a good idea to work as if it is so that when that busy time comes, you can walk it because your used to it. It means that service and attention is consistent and that nothing gets missed, however busy it is or isn’t – after all we all know it’s easy to become lazy when it is quiet and if you have a closed door or a closed attitude how can you hope to make the sale that could make your day?!

So whether you run a Market Stall, an upmarket restaurant or an on-line shop selling edible gifts, here are my secrets to success:

    • Energy and enthusiasm is infectious, so make sure that whatever you are selling, whether it’s mangoes on a fruit stall or gifts on a website that you give your audience a great time by giving them some of yours. Tone of voice is not just in the spoken word, but in the written one too.
    • Sense of pride – you wouldn’t go to an interview with dirty shoes, so make sure that whatever you’re selling is in tip top condition and that you’re proud of it! That means everything from the housekeeping of a website (watch for those typos!) to the housekeeping of a shop (anyone like dusty shelves?!) or a bar (lipstick on a glass tells a tale on you!) that everything is ship-shape
    • Work at a pace – keep moving and think ahead. Write lists so nothing gets forgotten.
    • Read and recognise – keep an eye to understand the customer’s needs so that you recognise it and provide it before they know that they want it. Make the customer journey as efficient and as pleasant as possible, so that the only stop they make is when they want to, not because they’re confused or put off in any way.
    • Focus on your priorities – plan your next action before you’ve finished the last
    • Be flexible – circumstances and customer needs change all the time. So learn to move with and or ahead of the times. Be prepared to make changes and to react quickly to the things that work and make a difference and to stop doing the things that don’t.
    • Make plans – daily, weekly, monthly and yearly and make sure that you take enough time to evaluate where you are on that plan and what you need to do to get to the next stop.

Confidence in yourself, your product and your plans will go a long way to the customer having confidence in you. So keep up the pace and be one-step ahead to go that extra smile.

Louise Cowley writes on behalf of and online edible gift and greetings cards shop.

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