The Importance of Great Office Designs

A recent survey has shown that in the services sector the two largest costs for a company are staff wages and office costs. It stands to reason that if the work environment has a relationship with and corresponds to worker productivity than careful consideration should be given to the office design and working environment.

Workers spend an average of 8 hours per day in their workplace; keeping the workforce as fresh and creative as possible for the whole 8 hours is therefore imperative to both the quality and quantity of work produced.

A practical and stylish office space is one way of getting the most out of your staff. Often this can be done by making a few simple changes to your office interior, sometimes just an upgrading in office furniture is enough. If your staff are uncomfortable it can have a negative impact on their attitude and of course on the company’s revenue.

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Good chairs designed to promote better posture and ergonomically designed work stations not only correlate to better staff health but also reduces absenteeism by eliminating problems such as Repetitive Strain Injury. Investing in the working environment also shows your staff that management care about their happiness which in turn creates an atmosphere of loyalty and trust from both sides.

Other important benefits from a stylish and lavish office presence is the first impression made on potential clients as well as potential new employees. When trying to secure the best talent available in the marketplace, particularly if they are currently working for one of your competitors, a high quality image and lavish work environment screams out excitement and security to potential new recruits.

Potential new clients will feel that your company is associated with success, style, quality and innovation and will want to be part of that success.

To further boost morale, some companies provide non work areas. We all know that office space is priced by the square foot/metre, so when an employer provides non work space such as a café area, exercise area, crèche, rooftop garden or video games room the staff will really appreciate that the management care about them.

This will not only result in talent from other companies knocking on your door but will also help you retain your most important staff. Some companies provide a relaxed room just for brainstorming where members can just bandy ideas back and forth, or a quiet creative place to really promote ‘outside of the box’ thinking.

Hold an image in your mind of a modern stylish exciting workplace, now replace this with an image of an office that is cluttered with old office furniture, boring colours, dim lighting and poor ventilation and see what a difference there is between the two images.

It makes sense that to get the most out of your highest investment (the staff and their wages) then an investment in the work environment makes for a particularly safe bet.

An office fit out could be the key to getting more of an impact from your office environment. Keith Barrett writes on many workplace and business issues.

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