The Best Employee Holiday Booking Systems

There are thousands of employee booking systems that are available at our disposal. Most of them have good features, but the task at hand is to delineate the features of those systems which are a cut above the rest.


Leavemaster is a web based system that uses very friendly interfaces to manage holidays in companies. It comes in a package that uses very simple forms to request for leaves and has a lot of respect for hierarchies. Users can only see what they are authorized to see. In addition, it has a page that summarizes all the leaves, and at a glance the management can tell who is away on holiday as well as approve or reject the requests with a click of a button. It can be used for virtually all kinds of leaves. It will raise an alert whenever an employee surpasses his or her allocated leave time, which will help in instigating the right action before things go wrong.


BreatheHR is an online system that clearly depicts the dexterity and maturity of Centurion Management Systems Limited over the years. Employee holiday booking is one of the features that is integrated into the system, the others being document management, task management, performance reviews, absence management and centralization of information. Its employee booking system is very straight forward. It has a single centralized calendar which employees view before submitting holiday requests. Requests can then be submitted to the managers who authorize or reject the leave requests, and all approved requests are automatically updated in the calendar. It is online based, comes with a 30 day trial period, an all round the clock support, can be accessed from all corners of the globe and has a reputation of transforming your office into a clean, neat paperless office. One does not require downloading the software.

Edays staff holiday planner

This software incorporates holiday and absence management into one package that helps greatly in cutting down the costs that are related to absence. Its working module is just like that of BreatheHR where employees log in and request for leaves which are forwarded to the manager for approval. Tracking overtime is made easy, and one can put up multiple levels that reflect the structure of the organization. It automatically calculates the Bradford factor for each employee, which is crucial in identifying and correcting the problems of absenteeism. It also generates holiday compliance reports, which can help in reducing litigation by ensuring that the employees get the holidays they are legally entitled to.


This is yet another system which requires no downloads or installations as it is web based. It offers a self service platform for employees to book their holidays, and an authorization interface that is easy to use and friendly to the managers. In addition, it is integrated with Microsoft Outlook, Blackberry and iPhone applications to make the work of the managers less. This affords them the comfort of approving or rejecting requests even when they are away from home. The vendors allow a limited but reasonable trial period, during which you can test the product before fully acquiring it. It works irrespective of the pattern of employees’ job. Whether you have full time, part time or combined workers does not matter because the system is well designed to handle such.


DigiLeave offers solutions in holiday booking and absence management, just like the above system. It is user friendly software that has ability to serve an unlimited number of employees and can handle an unlimited number of leaves and holiday requests. Its marketers believe in a onetime investment with no extra or hidden charges. The software can be customized, and its design can be modified to suit the needs of a particular company, even in terms of looks and appearance. It is software that needs to be downloaded and regularly updated. It generates reports which can be used to better the organization.

This review has been offered by Jake who has been involved with the development and marketing of Breathe HR Software system.

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