The Benefits Of Having HR Software That Can Work With Social Media

Software is used for most things in business environments these days. In the field of HR management, the use of software to manage specific functions is evolving at a rapid rate. Along with that evolution is the increased integration of social tools into specific software, especially that which is used for talent management. Software developers are working all the time to develop software which is up to date and that includes successfully integrating social tools to drive the engagement, management and growth of the work force as a whole. There are a number of advantages to this approach and this article will examine three of them.

Encouraging Employee Engagement
There is software available which allows employees to vote on, suggest, and discuss ideas for improving best practice and products. By doing enabling employee participation in this way, employers can expect a higher degree of employee participation in the way the company runs. It goes without saying that this kind of “open door policy” works best when employee suggestions are actually taken note of and implemented where appropriate. The inclusion of employee ideas in company policy, processes and products can only serve to improve employee engagement in the company for the long term.

Brand Awareness and Emotional Connections
Social media has become so integrated into people’s lives that companies have followed suit by allowing integration with HR hiring processes. Certain software allows automation of the hiring process via social media websites such as Facebook and Linkedin so that candidates can apply for positions directly from their social media channels. This enables companies to get the word out about their job postings, building brand awareness and emotional connections simultaneously. Social media websites are so tied to people’s lives that the emotional connection to brands can seem very real, driving actions which may otherwise have taken longer to generate.

Time and Cost
By integrating talent management functions with social media, time to hire and cost of hiring can be significantly reduced. Looking at the cost of hiring, companies often spend significant sums of money using recruitment firms to find and hire talent. By successfully integrating social media with the talent management functions of HR teams, the middle man can often be cut out, saving a significant amount of money. When using a recruitment firm, companies often pay up to 20 per cent of the salary of the new recruit to the recruitment company. By integrating with social media, the talent pool is opened up and automated, reducing the necessity for outside firms. In terms of time, again, if successfully integrated, social media hiring can significantly reduce the time taken to hire new staff as the process is automated and HR teams need only post jobs to the network and wait for a response as opposed to posting jobs to numerous recruitment firms and job boards which takes a significant amount of time.

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In summary, successfully utilising social media with HR functions such as talent management can help to further the brand of the company. HR software which can work with the wide variety of social media platforms currently in use can help to open up the talent pool, reduce time to hire and even cost of hire. By integrating other social tools with HR processes, companies can also increase employee engagement and satisfaction.

Written by James Sheehan, a passionate blogger with a history in human resource

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