The Art of Low-Brow Advertising

Advertising doesn’t have to be high quality or extremely creative to get people’s attention. In fact, it often pays off for TV commercials to be a little low brow. Advertisers only have a short period of time, often 30 seconds or less, to make an impression on TV viewers, and many times, the best way to do that is to show people what they already know and love.

YouTube provides a great way to measure the effectiveness of different advertising themes. The more views a video has, the more appealing you can assume that it is. Analyzing and comparing the number of hits that TV commercials posted on YouTube can reveal the most effective advertising themes.

Unsurprisingly, cute – babies and animals – and the obvious – physical humor, sex and fear – are among the advertising tropes that rule the day, earning tens of millions of views and lots of exposure for companies.

>From: Top Marketing Schools

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