The Advantages of Retail Coin Sorters

We all have a ton of change jingling around in our pockets, purses, wallets and bags, just waiting to be spent. Most often, though, we ignore it in lieu of a paper bill or a plastic card. Why is that? That pocket change is still currency, after all. Most of us are afraid of annoying the person behind us in a line by counting out change to pay for something, or being thought of as cheap or poor. Instead, we hoard that change until it has built up to intolerable levels and pour it into a jar somewhere to take to a coin sorting machine.


Retail Coin Sorters

Coin sorting machines in major retail stores are a relatively new addition, but they have become popular very quickly. Because we all have so much pocket change floating around, the ability to go to a store we would already be at, dump our coins into the machine and get a certificate to redeem seems extremely convenient. Not surprisingly, coin sorting machines do not solely benefit consumers, they benefit business owners as well.

For The Customer

Most coin sorting machines at retail locations give you a number of options. You can have a receipt printed and exchanged for cash, but it will take a certain percentage off of every dollar as a convenience fee. You can also redeem the change as a gift card of sorts for a number of retailers. However, the change can be redeemed as a discount coupon for the store itself without the charge of a convenience fee. This is what many people choose to do, since it is the way to make the most out of their money. They are at a store they already shop at and are being given a certificate to shop with at the store. Although it is entirely psychological, those people were not going to use that change in its coin form, so receiving this certificate feels like free money.

For The Owner

For a business owner, a consumer who comes in and uses their coins in a coin sorter and then redeems them for a coupon for the store has the potential to make him more money. More often than not, when a consumer has a coupon for money off, they make purchases that exceed what they would have if they did not have that coupon rather than simply lessening the cost of their usual load with the value of the coupon. When the consumer chooses to spend more, the store is still accumulating more money, because they have received the money of that consumer in change form as well. They are selling additional products that would not otherwise have been sold because consumers feel free to make more extravagant purchases. For this reason, featuring a coin sorting machine at a retail location can be an unexpected way to increase profit margins by providing an aspect of convenience to consumers and increasing sales volume without really trying. The customer is rid of their change and walks away with more items. Thanks to the coin sorting machine, everyone is happy.

Maddy Blake is a frugal guru always looking for the best deals. When she has too many coins to count she uses a coin sorter from CashTech Currency Products Inc 5630 Tomken Road #1-3 Mississauga, ON L4W 1P4‎ (905) 361-8102

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