Sure-fire Cut-Cost Strategies to a Human Traffic-Guaranteed Restaurant

It is every businessman’s colossal fantasy to see his restaurant beaming with satisfied customers who just can’t get enough of his sumptuous food and delightful service. Some entrepreneur-restaurateurs splurge on the company’s finances just to get noticed. If they could only tap on their creativity, then these pocket-friendly tricks can do more hype to revamp their sales to profitable returns. Get ready for a countdown towards your multimillion successes!


Soothing & Relaxing Ambience

Struck your customers with a love-at-first-sight feeling as they step into your restaurant. Get them out from the frenzies of their day and welcome them with a tasteful pampering spirit of your place. Lend your restaurant walls to painters who would like to showcase their works. They get a free space from you for promotion while giving your restaurant a new look for free as well!

Guests’ Tracking System

Ensure your receptionist does her administrative work other than just greeting and escorting customers on their seats. She can give them a recycled welcome card with an insert paper where customers can write their contact details. Then, she can collect those shortly. Saturate your product promotions through their mobiles and emails!

Networking through Customer Comment Cards

Aside from using these comment cards to know your service performance and customers’ satisfaction, you can add another field where they can recommend their friends to your place by sharing their friends’ contact details to you.

Set Up Buffets on Lean Days

There will always be days when you wish you could have closed the restaurant and allow your staff to use their leaves because you cannot find a single customer stepping in. Give them a reason to go to your place.  Set up buffet meals on lean days and they will come running to your resto!

Nurture Their Fond Memories on Your Photo Wall

Set up your own restaurant’s photo wall so your customers can strike poses before leaving your restaurant. Make those fun pictures linger to keep them wanting for more.

Make Their Stay Eventful

Who says talent contests can only be dominated by those TV networks? Why not create your own? You can have contests such as, “The Search for Café’s Live Band” where all local bands get to play songs for free as their audition pieces. Interact with your audience by allowing them to vote which band they prefer most! You can also have sing, dance or stand-up comedy contest, too!

Conquer the Virtual World

Make guests’ dining experience more worthy remembering. Put up contests on your Facebook or Twitter page such as photo and blog writing about their unforgettable experiences in your restaurant.

Family Day Weekend Treat!

Know who the Boss is every weekend! Parents follow every request of their children. Why not attract these children? Ask one of your staff to play a clown with a bubble show. Put up a kiddie film showing or face painting. Ask your staff to dress like Santa to meet and greet the kids!

Half-the-Price Treat for Every 10th Visit of Your Customer

Treat your loyal customers for a 50% discount for their every 10th visit. This would include their 20th, 30th and yes you bet it would be up until their 100th dine in experience!

Unwavering Food Quality & Heartfelt Service of Staff

The brand setter covers the quality of food you prepare and how your staff serves customers like they are the most important people in the world.

Restaurant owners should not overlook the fact that people just wanted to have not just a gastronomic satisfaction but also a tell-worthy positive emotional experience in your place. Focus on those and you’ll never see an empty seat again!

This article is exclusively written by Artchee Mendoza for this site. Artchee also writes for who are experts in fast food franchise opportunities.

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