Structured Settlement Lending Discrimination against Black Americans

A settlement loan is an option for you to get fast cash instead of getting series of payments as settlement for a lawsuit. The loan is provided by a loan company who in exchange will hold as collateral the money you are about to receive from a settlement agreement. In the United States nowadays, agreements are made in the form of structured settlements. Under a structured settlement, the payments from the party who has done you wrong come to you at regular intervals until the whole
amount is paid.

Getting Structured Settlements
You may arrange for a structured settlement if you believe your civil rights have been violated by a certain party. Violations come in many forms, usually in the form of injury or malpractice. For African-Americans, a common form of civil rights violations is discrimination. If you are an African American, discriminatory acts against you by a certain party may be subject to structured settlements if you file a lawsuit against the discriminating party and the discriminating party wants you to dismiss the lawsuit. The structured settlement may be done off-court or on-court.

Discriminatory Acts of Lending against the Blacks
Once you get a structured settlement for discrimination, you may be faced with yet another discrimination scenario should you decide to avail a structured settlement loan. This act of discrimination comes in the form of the loan company charging you with higher percentage rates of interest than how much they charge white borrowers. The discriminatory acts of lending against African-Americans are just one manifestation of the centuries-long unfair treatment towards the blacks in the US. The numerous discrimination attempts against the blacks originated on the historical account that the ancestors of Black Americans were those Africans who were held captive in the US as slaves during the 1600s. As you might well know, slaves were treated as lowest forms of people which is why they were discriminated. Unfortunately, today’s Black Americans seem to have inherited the discrimination which their ancestors got from the society.

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Know your Rights to Equality
In order to avoid lending discrimination and all forms of discrimination for that matter, guard yourself with the existing federal laws against discrimination particularly the provisions under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which bans all forms of discrimination in public accommodations, labor unions, employment, and in other state undertakings. Always keep in mind that you are living in a democratic country where the blacks and the whites should rightfully get equal benefits from the state.


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