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If you mention the word launderette a lot of people will be surprised that they still exist, with the closest that they’ve got in years being on the TV screen when they’re watching Dot Cotton dishing out reflective insights into people’s lives in the famous Albert Square launderette. However, although it is true that in the last twenty five years more than three quarters of the UK’s launderettes have closed, they’re making a huge comeback.

The workings of a launderette have changed dramatically over the years although many people still hold the view that they’ll either be greeted by a group of students or low income families or someone who resemble Dot Cotton. On top of this the economic climate has not helped the case of launderettes either as washing machine prices have dropped dramatically over the last few years. However, despite this, the launderette business is coming back strong and is once again growing in popularity – and not with the people you’d expect.

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People are leading much busier lives so time, to them, is extremely important. It’s so easy to nip our load into the launderette in a morning and pick it up again after your twelve hour day, washed, dried, ironed and folded ready to be put away. Many launderettes are also updating their facilities making the building a nicer place to be. One ingenious Manchester launderette also has computers which are available for their customers to use while they wait. This also saves time as for the busy businessman, if he can’t drop his clothes off and leave them, the hour that he doesn’t really have spare can be spent doing work on the computers.

Many launderettes are becoming a great social place again; they went through a stage of just being buildings that were opened up in a morning and locked up again at night however, a lot of them are now manned again. This is a great advantage for all of those busy single people out there – there are now more than ever – as people will be more inclined to stop and chat so you might even meet the one.

Launderette owners are now making the most of their time and money too by offering extra services such as ironing, pick-up and delivery and even the washing of special items such as quilts. The addition of computers, TVs and even something as simple as a stereo has made launderettes a much more friendly place that people are likely to use. So, it is no longer a ridiculous idea to start up your own laundrette, as the market begins to rise it could be your best idea yet.

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