SmartCity Malta to get Fabulous Lagoon

Malta is considered one of the most wonderful places to go to on holiday. Thanks to its rich history, traditions and engaging culture, entertainment in Malta would seem to be at its peak in quality. However Maltese entertainment and social activities just got better thanks to SmartCity Malta. The plans include a beautiful lagoon with the ocean as a backdrop, as part of the technology city’s aesthetic appeal.

SmartCity Malta

The lagoon is planned as part of the SmartCity Mall between the Ricasoli Point and Valleta’s Grand Harbour. The technology park includes entertainment and business areas. The entire structure and park is man-made with many lush gardens, a tree-line boulevard and promenade. Features that set the whole plan apart from many other man-made structures include a mammoth staircase that lead to an amazing amphitheatre. The entire project has the backdrop of the stunning blue Mediterranean ocean glittering and adding a wonderful element of summer fun to Malta’s already amazing entertainment ambience. Every hotel and quaint little self-catering private units will probably be booked out when the SmartCity officially opens its lagoon.

blue laggon

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The social aspect of the SmartCity is also to give visitors an idea of outside entertainment for holiday makers. The lagoon will showcase animated fountains while the stunning water feature will aesthetically mingle with landscape, similar to a bay. Encircled by promenade, which is fringed with palm trees, the lagoon and its fountains and trees features enhances the tropically Mediterranean ambience of Malta’s SmartCity.

The city is based on the technological advancements in building that have taken place in Dubai. Architects and construction companies in Malta have turned the old Ricasoli industrial area into a state-of-the-art technologically advanced city. Offices opened in 2010; however construction of the entire SmartCity complex will only be completed in 2021.

International businesses have shown considerable interest in the city with many placing offers for space to open their doors. Malta’s industrial, retail and entertainment industry are looking at a serious boost in tourism and business proposals. SmartCity is definitely going to do something for Malta’s economy as people are already looking at flocking to this new highly technological man-made city to see what it has to offer in the way of everything.

Now that the first SmartCity Malta is also the first European outpost for any SmartCity plans, Malta will also be looking at featuring in architectural and media magazines as this SmartyCity is bound to be a first on many global architectural and media fronts.

Vida Denning is a freelance writer who loves travelling to Malta and staying at the Topaz Hotel Malta. Her first stop on her next Maltese holiday is the SmartCity.

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