Possessing Only the Best Leadership Skills

When it comes to leadership skills, many people are split on what qualities make for a great manager. Is it the stern task-master who gets results, is it the friendly professional who earns respect gradually or is it something entirely different? The question will no doubt have differing answers depending on who you ask; a CEO may like results while a colleague may like amicable encouragement. So capturing the best leadership skills and qualities is a question with a relative answer. However we can make safe assumptions as to what doesn’t work and therefore using that we can test which leadership skills are going to yield the best results.

Genuine Listening

There is one aspect in leadership skills training that should be emphasised from the start and that is the trait of good communication. We all know and recognise the boss is ‘the boss’ but if you go around reminding everyone about it hoping it’s an automatic respect generator then you’re dead wrong. Communication and leadership skills are the composed definition of being right for the job, but it does require a genuine attitude. One of the biggest things that workers have been said to respond to positively is if it seems as if a manager is truly listening and not just sitting there or worse, becoming defensive, aggressive and shutting you down.

Clear Communication

Another of the attributes that make leadership skills effective is that of message construction. What that means is that when given instructions, feedback or any other form of communication that the manager giving it is clear, concise and exact in their expectations of you; it’s all about being concrete and precise. This also feeds into another of the leadership skills and abilities most respond positively to in a manager; being able to communicate exactly what is needed from employees to improve their work. When we don’t live up to an expectation, it’s impossible and frustrating for us when we do not receive adequate feedback and quite frankly that isn’t part of our job or responsibilities.


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Open Mind

The biggest of the leadership skills that would work for any situation is definitely that of having an open mind response. When you find a manager who believes they know everything there is to know, it can be difficult if not impossible to process new information; this makes communication tricky because you have to respond to their own personal beliefs and that’s added frustration and pressure on all workers because we’re all so very different. Leadership skills require clear communication, precise feedback but most of all an open mind in order to learn more; these work in any situation.

Eugene Calvini is a writer and career coach with experience at office space in Houston; he enjoys sharing his advice with the internet.

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