Plan Your Office Fit Out With Care and Attention

An Office Fit Out provides a great opportunity to renew old habits and to start afresh but needs to be planned carefully to avoid any unpleasant surprises. The most common pitfalls for fit outs occur with time and money. Quite often the projects fail to start or finish in time and the final costs do not reflect the original budget plan. The first step in ensuring that this does not happen for you is by hiring the right fit out supplier. They will be in charge of design, construction and management of project from start to finish.

When selecting a supplier for your Office Fit Out, be sure to ask for references and evidence of their past work. You need to be certain that they can handle the task at hand and have managed similar or bigger ones before. Although the supplier will be responsible for the fit out itself, there are other things that need to be considered before initiating the project. Essential components of the office, such as telephone lines, may take considerable time to book and have installed, so it is important that the roadmap is prepared in advance to allow time for the different contractors involve in the project to complete their jobs in time.

Participate in the Design of Your Office Fit Out

The design of the office does not necessarily have to belong exclusively to you but you would want some credit in deciding certain elements that you feel are essential to the Office Fit Out and to your staff. Think about ways of improving communication within the office, maybe by opting for an open plan office and which departments or employees require certain privacy and their own offices. If your company deals with customer enquiries, you will want to isolate them from the rest of the office so that they can concentrate on receiving and making outside calls.

Amenities for staff breaks should be enhanced, if necessary. Workers would not be happy to learn that their quarters have been reduced in size, as this implies that management does not cater for their needs or simply doesn’t care. The reception area welcoming guests should be amongst the most attractive areas to design when planning an Office Fit Out, as this is an outsider’s first contact with the company and will leave lasting impressions. Natural resources, such as light, need to be optimised and improved, where possible. Daylight, for example, plays a big role in improving quality of work, as it is known to relax and invigorate staff.

This article was written by Gildacroft.

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