Plan Ahead when you Expand

Plan Ahead when you Expand

If you’ve got a small business that’s doing so well it’s expanding that is an amazing thing, especially in this economy. The key to a successful small business move is to get everything done as quickly and safely as possible so you can get the doors open to your new location. Here are some tips on ways you can help the move yourself and the situations when you should let pros take over, with moving services offering white glove delivery.

Do It Yourself

Make the move go quickly and cut costs by using these tips to prepare for your move:

• Disconnect all electrical equipment and wrap up/ tape together all necessary chords, so they’ll be easily accessible in the new location.

• Don’t pack boxes too full and seal tops and bottoms with tape, not using the flaps.

• Label all boxes by where they should go in the new location.

• Standard file cabinets with locks can be moved with their files inside. Storage cabinets, lateral files, and bookshelf contents should be packed in separate boxes.

• Have a written moving plan which all your employees are aware of. Include checklists for everyone and instructions for getting reopened quickly.

• Most importantly – plan ahead!

Hire Pros

Small business owners who are doing well are hard working and not afraid to get their hands dirty on the way towards success. However, some services, such as dedicated and experienced movers who are well-insured, can cost some extra money up-front but will help that move go quickly and smoothly. Remember, the sooner the doors open at your new location, the sooner you go back to making money. After all your hard work building a successful business don’t trust the transportation of your delicate inventory and necessary technology to cut rate movers. Find some extra money in your budget to hire excellent professionals who will:

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• transport safely any item, from the very heavy to the very fragile.

• navigate all stairwells and tight corners using years of experience.

• unpack every box in the room you assign.

• assemble furniture.

• remove any boxes or debris so your business will be looking great and up and running quick.

• provide experienced and insured movers who are less likely to be injured, and if they are, you won’t be liable.

Remember, the white glove delivery service may cost a little more, but it’s better to spend a little more up-front to get your new doors open fast and safely so your business can start making money again.

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