Slicing Your Food Budget In Half

saving_moneyAre you looking for an area in your budget that you can cut back on?  How would you like to have a little extra cash in your pocket every month?  There is quite a simple and easy way – reduce what you spend on food.  The points below will show you that cutting your food budget is not only possible, but after reading this article, you will be able to cut your budget in half.

Embracing Vegetables

Is the vegetarian lifestyle calling you?  Since meat is usually the most expensive item in your grocery cart, eating only plant based foods may be a quick way to cut your food budget.  If you can’t do without the meat, try to reduce how much and how often you consume meat.

Skipping the Alcohol

You don’t need to have a well stocked bar at home.  Alcohol is expensive and would be best reserved for social events and not on a daily basis.  Avoid alcohol when on your own.

Avoiding Ready-Made

Avoid the ready-made aisle in the grocery store.  For a fraction of the cost of something ready-made, you can make the same thing.  Making things yourself will take a little more time and effort, but it is way cheaper and healthier than throwing a frozen, ready-made entree into the microwave.

Planning What You Eat

Set aside a time to plan your meals for the coming week.  A good way to begin is by checking what you all have available in your pantry.  After you have checked your inventory and created a menu, write down a list of the items that you need.  This will keep you from going to the grocery store too often.

Doing Meal Prep

Set a couple hours aside every week or two to mass produce.  Make batches of cookies and an assortment of casseroles.  Stock up the freezer and you’ll be well supplied for the coming weeks.

Organizing Your Freezer

Your freezer should not be a timeline, meaning that the further back in the freezer you go, the older the food.  Some people would probably be shocked at what all lurks in the back of their freezers.  Make a list or chart of what is all inside your freezer and use this list when you plan your meals.

Implementing This Plan

Going full speed into this plan may end in disaster.  Pace yourself and implement each point after another.  Get used to planning before jumping into organizing your freezer.

Don’t just think of your budget savings.  This is a healthier way of living.  You won’t be eating as much, wasting as much, and the food that you will be making will be healthier than ready-made food.

Don’t get down on yourself if you are not 100% consistent.  Allow yourself some wiggle room.  Summertime might be a good time to loosen the purse strings a little and step away from your meal plans.  This will give you a break.  Make sure that you set a date for getting back on track again.

Do you want to see your monthly food budget get cut in half?  Try these easy-to-use methods today.

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