Need Cash Now? You Have Options

I recently sat and spoke with a friend about what she did to sell her structured settlement when she was in need of cash.  Below is what she did to turn her situation into a positive one.

Perhaps you’re like me, and are one of the millions of people who were injured in an accident and received a structured settlement as compensation.  I was involved in an accident while I was at work at a roller skating rink when I was seventeen years old.  As a result of the accident I lost the tips of two of my fingers.  The settlement included monthly payments and then a large lump sum once I turned thirty years old.  The monthly payments were helpful when I was younger; however as I got older I really felt I would benefit more from a lump sum.

I went to college to earn a bachelor’s degree in communications with the help of student loans and my parents.  After graduation and school loan debt, I realized that my dream was to become a nurse.  I knew that I didn’t want to take out any more loans since I was already overwhelmed by my monthly payments.  I also couldn’t go to my parents for help again because they were having a hard time making ends meet.  I didn’t know how I’d get the money to return to school and fulfill my dreams.

Thankfully I spoke to a friend about my situation and he informed me of a company that would buy my structured settlement payments.  The company would in turn give me the lump sum of money I needed and I’d be able to pursue my nursing degree.  The company I worked with helped me come up with a plan that would work best for my needs and fought hard to prove how the receipt of a lump sum would be beneficial to me.

Four years later, I am now a registered nurse and working in the emergency room of a busy hospital.  I love every moment of my job and I’m thankful for the opportunity to change my structured settlement into cash.  If you want to sell your structured settlement to help your future, there are options.  Meet with a professional that can purchase your settlement from you and move on to the next chapter of your life.


Mercedes Potter is a writer who held and interview with a close friend dealing with a structured settlement. She offers advice that can come only from the perspective of someone who actually has had one. Follow her @CedesPotter to read other advice blogs.

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