How to Avoid Loan Modification Scams

this post answers the following questions
1. Why consult a financial counselor?
2. Can research help you to identify and avoid loan modification scams?
3. Is it important that the loan modification agent has an office?
4. Why as for detail your loan modification agent?
5. Is refund important for your loan modification?

If you are on the brink of foreclosure, loan modification may be the best option to save your home.  Because many are resorting to loan modification, many are also taking advantage of these people, unfortunately.  There are different types of loan modification scams.  For example, a company would pretend to be a legitimate one, takes your money, and never shows up again.  Another scam is that a company would collect a certain fee that you won’t be able to refund in the event that the modification does not become successful.  You better be very watchful in order for you to not become a victim.

Steps on spotting loan modification scams

You can avoid loan modification scams by being attentive and by spotting the fraudulent companies.  Here are some steps:

Step #1:  Consult a financial counselor.
Counselors approved by the government agency HUD are reliable, and there are those who don’t charge fees.  They would be helpful in giving advice and in choosing a loan modification company for you.

Step #2:  Do extensive research.
Make sure the company you choose has good reputation by doing an online research.  You can also contact government institutions like the Federal Trade Commission and/or the Consumer Protection Agency to find out if a loan modification company is accredited or well-recommended.

Step #3:  Talk to the loan modification agent and visit his or her office.
A legitimate company would be willing to talk to you in their physical office than to merely conduct business online.

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Step #4:  Ask for details.
Make sure the agent can and will explain every detail of the loan modification process.  Don’t be lured by offers that seem too good too be true and companies that seem to be so lenient when it comes to qualifications and requirements

Step #5:  Inquire for refunds.
If you do not get satisfactory results for your loan modification, they should be able to offer 100% refund or other acceptable alternatives for paid fees.

Observe these steps and exercise vigilance at all times in order to make the most out of your loan modification application.

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  1. Loan modification scams exists all over the world.Wherever you go,whatever country you go to there will always be schemes like this that exist in one form or another.To avoid this one must be vigilant enough to figure how to verify if it is indeed a real loan or winnings or scams.The five steps posted above is the correct and best way to find out if you are being scammed by fraudulent and up to no good people.It pays to know the steps so as to avoid inconvenience and guilt feeling of being gullible to fall into something like that.

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