Getting Better Deals for Loan Modification from Your Lender

this post answers the following questions
1. What is the objective of loan modification program?
2. Is it important to call your lender for a loan modification?
3. What is the purpose of a loan modification hardship letter?
4. Is there an alternative way if you don’t qualify for a loan modification?
5. What to remember when negotiating with your loan modification plan?

Some people are struggling with their finances.  They are at risk of losing their homes because they are not able to meet their mortgage payments.  For this reason, loan modification was introduced under the Obama Administration.  The loan modification program is aimed at providing better deals for homeowners and lenders by making more affordable and sustainable repayments.

While there are some views that foreclosures are often better deals for banks, your lender might be willing to modify your mortgage terms if you are able to convince them that doing so would be in their best interest.  Better deals would have to be a win-win situation for you and the lender.

Steps on getting better deals for loan modification

Below are some very easy steps for better loan modification deals:

Step #1:  Call your bank or lender and ask to be directed to the loan modification department.
Expect that this will be a sort of interview.  Some are hesitant to go through the process because they find it intimidating.  Don’t skip this step because this would determine if you will qualify for the loan modification or not.

Step #2:  Supply other necessary paper works and documents.
Different lenders may have different requirements but in general, some of the documents you must have in handy are: latest tax return, bank statements, payments for credit cards and other loans, and a hardship letter.

Step #3:  Write an effective loan modification hardship letter.  The purpose of the hardship letter is to persuade your lender that you are having tough times and you are counting on the loan modification to help you get through.

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Step #4:  Follow up the status of your application.
Call the customer service and confirm their receipt of your documents.

Step #5:  Remember that there are alternatives if you don’t qualify.
Some banks offer a short sale or a deed in lieu of foreclosure.  If, unfortunately you did not qualify, try these alternatives.

When you negotiate with lenders, remember that your loan modification plan should meet your best interest, or else it’ll only defeat its purpose.


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