My Auto Insurance Bills are Lower Thanks To Technology

When it comes to auto insurance, the safer your car is, the lower your rates. Generally speaking, fair though it isn’t, if you’ve got a sweet Pony car with nice little Mustang stripes down the side, you’re probably going to have to pay a little more to get it covered—unless it’s an older pony, in which case you’ve got nothing to worry about. Leave it to insurance companies to take all the fun out of owning a vehicle.

Yes, it’s all about safety when it comes to getting the best deal on your auto insurance. The good news is that, with the advances of today, getting those discounted rates may be easier than you think. And it turns out that insurance companies pay quite a bit of attention to studies concerning the safety of new cars. Who knew?

Most Effective Technological Feature to Save You Money

All automotive companies, from Ford to Ferrari, are constantly looking for new ways to improve technology, driving experience, and safety. It would seem, however, that automatic braking systems combined with frontal collision warning systems are the new gold standard when it comes to reducing liability claims. What that means for you is that if your car is equipped with such systems, you’ll get to enjoy a break on your insurance premiums. Provided, of course, that you don’t have a particularly dubious driving record.


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Rest for the Weary

Even if you don’t own a brand new Acura or Mercedes, however, you don’t have to be reduced to wearing your Mustang apparel while riding a bicycle in order to afford your insurance premiums. Of course everyone wants to be as safe as possible in their car, but not everyone wants to trade in their pride and joy for the latest technology. There are still plenty of things you can do to get yourself better insurance rates.

For starters, take a defensive driving course. Many insurance providers will reward your efforts with better discounts. Keep your driving record clean, and find out about any special discounts available in your state, such as military families or college students. Install theft prevention systems on your car—something you should do anyway if you own a classic Pony.

Where Will Things Go From Here?

Other safety features, such as adaptive headlights and lane departure warning systems, are already available as options on many car models. The future will likely see such options becoming standard, with new technology coming in to take the option status.

Every new advance will likely make a car more insurable at lower rates. If you’re in the market for a new daily driver, then it’s certainly worth it to consider one of the more safely equipped options. But if you’re insuring a car just for fun, keep the discount tips in mind and always drive safely.

This is a guest post by blogger Carly who blogs on all things automotive, from auto insurance to Mustang apparel.

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