5 Reasons Why Being in Debt Could Be A Healthy Strategy For You

this post answers the following questions
1. Why is debt a healthy strategy for you?
2. Why making an investment good for you?
3. What is debt discipline us?
4. How can debt affect the relationship between you and your family?
5. How to make a new life from debt?

When most people think of debt, they immediately cringe. The idea of financial freedom is so often intertwined with the idea of happiness that many of us feel to be truly carefree we need to cut any ties we have with poor finances. Whilst this seems logical, it is not always true and being in debt could be a healthy strategy for you.

Sometimes debt can be the best option for you, contrary to popular belief. Of course, debt which has gone beyond what you can reasonably repay is never beneficial, but there is a balance which can be found with smaller debts.

While debt is something which can be positive for the reasons given below, it is important to think carefully about your ability to repay it in the future before considering borrowing money.

1. Making an investment

A good investment is one which is seized with perfect timing. Seeing a sizeable return on an investment is a question of finding rising stock, buying low and selling high. Of course, this strategy isn’t compatible with a situation in which you’re required to wait on a pay cheque in order to invest.

If you’re absolutely sure about an investment and can afford the consequences if it doesn’t go to plan, falling into debt in the short term could be worthwhile in the long term.

2. Nurturing financial discipline

Many of us find it hard to spend our money wisely. Even when we’re aware that we have very little money at our disposal, we find it easier than ever to spend like there is no tomorrow. If there’s one thing that debt is good for, it’s forcing us to be responsible with our money.

Much of our society is geared towards convincing us to part with our cash. Finding your way into debt can be the perfect opportunity to build up a responsible approach to this. If you can ignore all the unnecessary expenditure we are so often coaxed into when in debt, you can find your way back out in no time.

3. Nothing to lose

In a strange way, debt can actually put you into a position of great freedom. There are a number of things in life which distract us from doing the things that we were truly interested in once upon a time.

Looking into short term loans can allow you to focus once again on the things that matter to you. You never know, this might even be your path to great wealth somewhere down the line!

4. Avoid arguments

Some of the worst fall outs we can have with family and friends are over money. So long as you are able to pay it back some time in the future, taking out a loan can be an effective way of easing tensions between yourself and your loved ones by keeping you finances and home lives separate.

5. Making a new life

You’ve got to spend money to make money, as the saying goes. It can be difficult to make breakthroughs in the world of work – particularly if you have hopes of working for yourself.

The sad fact is that it can be so much easier to make money for those who already have it. If you consider taking out a loan, however, you might find that this finally works to your advantage, enabling you to finally set up a business of your own.

Author | Geoffery is a specialist money blogger currently writing on behalf of leading short term loans provider Wonga, in the UK.

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