5 Money Saving Tips for the Kitchen

this post answers the following questions
1. Why is that using what you have in the kitchen can save you money?
2. Why meal planning is important in saving money in the kitchen?
3. How shopping comparison can help you save money in the kitchen?
4. Is not wasting a good step in saving money in the kitchen?
5. How making your freezer your friend help you save money in the kitchen?

In today’s economic climate it is no wonder that people are spending more and more time looking for ways to save money. One of the main ways people are making savings is by choosing to stay in more rather than spending money on going out. If you plan to make this part of your frugality plan, it is important that you make the most of it.

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Use What You Have

The first and most important money-saving tip to follow in the kitchen is to make use of what you have. Look through your cupboards and freezer and make a list of everything that you have in there. This list will form the backbone of your money saving and therefore it is important that you take the time to do it properly. An easy way to save money immediately, perhaps freeing funds for your cash ISA accounts, is to set yourself a challenge of eating from your cupboards for a set period of time.


Meal Plans

Meal Planning is a concept that most of us will have encountered at one time or another and always intended to do but never found the time for. However, if you truly want to save money in the kitchen, it is an absolute must. Taking an hour to plan your week’s meals will help you to ensure that you only buy what you need and can be a real time saver.

Take the opportunity to plan meals that are made from the same basic products and you can save yourself effort and precious time by preparing the mince for Thursday’s mince and potatoes while you’re cooking Monday’s spaghetti and meat balls.


Shop Clever

Armed with your meal plan, it is now time to do the shopping that will make your plan a reality. Set aside time in which to organise your shopping so that you can make use of shopping comparison websites to find the best deals.


Waste Not

In the UK, the average family throws out £35 worth of unused food each month. Meal planning will help you cut this number down drastically but you must remember that it is also important to plan when you are going to cook something. Perishables should be used at the beginning of the week and fruit and vegetables need to be stored properly to extend their life as long as possible.


Make Your Freezer Your Friend

When you plan your meals, it is worth thinking about preparing some things ahead of time. Because of our busy lives we often come home feeling too tired to cook and this is where we fall prey to the lure of a takeaway. By following the simple adage of ‘cook once, eat twice’ and preparing an extra serving of some meals to freeze, it becomes much easier to say no to ordering in when you know that you have a lovely home-cooked meal a quick microwave defrost away.

As the heart of many homes, the kitchen is where we feed our loved ones and, because of this, it is where we tend to spend a lot of money. We like to treat ourselves and our families and this can take its toll on our budgets. Implementing some of these tips can save money, time and effort in the kitchen without sacrificing the comfort we get from the time spent there.

Written by Sam, a financial journalist who often blogs about cash ISA accounts and ways to save money.

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