Patches and Badges Are Not Just for Scouts

Nothing promotes an idea of togetherness, for company or team spirit, more than uniforms or some other semblance of team unity such as hats, caps, visors or something more permanently-intertwined with the uniform itself, like custom patches, badges, ribbons, or nameplates.

Not unlike campaign buttons or pins showing your support of a presidential candidate or some disease-awareness program, these insignia serve not only to promote the brand, but establish you as a proud member of a worthy organization. There are even some unintended but certainly welcome effects of unifying your team through such symbolism, for example pride and good conduct when the presence of the emblem itself is a constant reminder of the ideals for which you stand.

Attract Attention

Brands recognize each other readily (and some would say preferentially), making your insignia embossed apparel a veritable magnet for networking with other companies, as well as the curious individual looking to find out more about you because of it. This of course highlights the importance of having your printed, sewn, or embroidered logo or insignia look as professional as possible, because crisply-rendered apparel and designs make statement all by themselves – making people want to know more.

All Apparel Appropriate

The beauty of custom patches is that they don’t look out of place on just about any piece of apparel you can think of; from team sweatshirts and sweatpants, to road jackets. Even caps wear well with a patch right in the middle for easy visibility; polo shirts may arguably be the most natural canvas for them, positioned crisply on the left hand side. They wear well on common accessories as well – handbags, messenger bags and other luggage. Your brand will be associated with these things readily to great benefit, and you may even receive calls from outside sources interested in more information.

Customize to Your Needs

The range of design elements that can be used to enhance the patch design you have in mind is astonishing. With so many varied materials in existence today, virtually any shape, size, color, or design you can think of can be made and attached to the apparel or accessory item of your choice.

More than a motivational vehicle for your employees or your team, insignia-based embellishments such as custom embroidered patches will extend your reach into both the business and consumer world when your willing promoters interact with customers, other teams, and just people around town. The right company to help you realize these things is just a web-browser away. Be sure to align yourself with a manufacturer that stresses quality and function, and has the stable of customers or previous work to prove it.

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