Video Advertising Is For And Not For Everyone

Great advertising is a must among businesses in the marketing world. Executives discuss and debate about it as if their company’s survival depends on it. The constant revolutionizing of technology is probably fueled also by the competitive need for more efficient advertising. From mere sign boards in the past to today’s internet video ads, the drive to tap into a bigger number of potential clients remained the same. Of the many types of advertising mediums, the video has remained the most useful and constantly being revolutionized. This is especially now in the age of the internet.

To small starting businesses, however, the pressing need to weight its advantages and disadvantages get more acute on how to get the most out of it. Video ads spread out more information and collect more in return if used as a surveying tool. Video ads, so far, have been enjoying of getting their messages spread “virally” worldwide.

The downsides to video ads, however, are the inconveniences for the websites to slow down especially those with larger file size which take longer to download. Faster internet connections are not a guarantee, not to mention the audience’s differing online connections. The omnipresence of these ads can be very annoying to web surfers. Budget should also be considered since they take higher programming skills.

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For or Against?

Whether video ads are advantageous or the opposite for companies is very subjective. Other companies might need a more aggressive kind of marketing while others don’t. Obviously, known brands shouldn’t be promoting themselves too much, right? But in the highly competitive market, the bigger brands tend to be the most aggressive advertisers fearing they might lose their edge to emerging rivals. Whether or not their marketing strategy might annoy the viewers is irrelevant to them. Smaller businesses, however, have to balance between reaching out to a bigger audience while not appearing to be over-promoting themselves, not mention on how much viral video advertising they could afford. Bigger companies, who have all the money at their disposal, can afford to post high-production video ads and yet might still get ignored. Smaller companies, on the other hand, might come up with a clever low-budget ad and become an instant online favorite.

There is no plain black and white answer whether or not video ads are for everyone. It is a question being endlessly debated in the large boardrooms, or in the basements of small home-based businesses. As technology keeps on innovating and the market more unpredictable, the video ads won’t show us the answers. Only results from those who will use it well or less efficiently. It is however, worth a try.

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