Take your Internet Marketing up a Notch: Get Google Qualified

Google is more than the search engine. Sure, they’ve made finding a Mustang billet from CJPonyParts.com a breeze, but they offer other products you might be overlooking. For instance, Google Analytics and AdWords are integral to online marketing.So, how do you take advantage of them? By learning as much as you can about them.

Google offers a number of qualifications and certifications to help companies get the most out of their different products and services and to help clients in narrowing down their options for internet marketers.

If you are wondering which, if any, of these options might be suitable for you, take a look at this handy guide to some of the programs on offer.

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Google Analytics Certified Partner

  • Who it’s suitable for: Experienced, dedicated web analytics companies or marketing companies that place a heavy focus on web analytics.
  • Requirements: Your application needs to be very detailed, discussing your process of web analytics, three Google Analytics projects for separate clients and the web analytics services you provide. Google would also prefer your business offer a range of services from various talents, such as in-house designers, a sales team and more.
  • Costs: You will have to send an employee to the Partner Summit in California, which, depending on your location, could be a hefty expense.
  • Why Might You Want This Certification: Along with greater trust from your clients you get access to special events, potential for client referrals, extra support and a range of other benefits.

Google AdWords Certified Individual

The Google AdWords Certified individual program replaced a previous system that required spending and account management histories within AdWords.

  • Who it’s suitable for: Individuals
  • Requirements: Pass the exam on Fundamentals of Google Advertising and one of the three other exams in advanced areas.
  • Costs: $50 per exam
  • Why Might You Want This certification: If you manage the AdWords account of your own company or for your employer, this exam can prove your capabilities. If you are an individual who works in internet marketing it can help you prove your skills to clients.

Google AdWords Company Certification

In replacing the previous program this certification requires a drastically decreased spending and management history.

  • Who it’s suitable for: Small to medium-sized marketing or web development companies
  • Requirements: Have at least one of your employees qualify in the individual program. Have a My Client Center account and have spent $10,000 on AdWords in the previous 90 days.
  • Costs: The Individual Qualifications cost and a $10,000 spend over every 90 days.
  • Why Might You Want This certification: In addition to the added level of professionalism, you gain access to a number of tools such as Google’s learning center, extra sales tools and coupons for new clients that can be used for AdWords credits.

Shane Jones contributed this guest post. Passionate about the online world, he likes writing about everything from Google to finding reviews of CJPonyParts.com online.

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