So Why Do We Need Good Digital PR Anyway?

“Digital PR, What on earth is that?”, this is the response you’ll get from most people when you mention digital PR. However, digital PR is something that we’ll all have to get used to as it is here and here to stay. Sure offline PR is just as important and still has a prominent place in society, but as we gather digital speed it’s sure to dwindle quicker than you think.

To some people PR can be seen as quite mysterious in that it works – quietly beavering away in the background influencing minds through various mediums. We have all seen on TV or read in the papers how PR spin doctors have persuaded public opinions about certain events, people or even organisations. We can go on to say a lot more just how talented these PR professionals are getting the message across. Their skills in persuading the public about certain topics to help repair tarnished reputations or enhance solid reputations, is the stuff of legends. Digital PR is really no different, it just involves the web and media channels.

Digital PR is now another place where these people perform their magic. On the internet there are a whole host of tools at their disposal including; blogs, press releases, forums, social media and video, the list is endless. In fact the digital world would have presented offline PR with brave new challenges to overcome. For example, it seems that inside the digital world – unlike in the physical world – there are lot more tools for ordinary folk like you and I to say what we like regardless of what the outcome maybe. Also there are fewer rules that people have to abide by too. Facebook & twitter have suddenly put more power into people’s hands to make up campaigns about things or people that they are passionate about and these campaigns are not always positive. So, in step digital PR to right the wrongs and make sure images or reputations can be repaired. In fact they have the power and the know how to counter attack the internet trolls.

Digital PR

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The internet can be seen as a double edged sword to some as even though it has opened up so many possibilities to so many people, there are still those who want to spoil the fun. People are more vulnerable than they realise because of such internet trolls; Digital marketing professionals can help smooth out the situations.

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