Online Video Killed the Television Star – The Future of Advertising

Online video production advertising is the future.  Businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit from this affordable and highly successful form of advertising.  Last year I took the chance on investing 40% of my marketing capital in online video production advertisement.

I was not disappointed and within just a few weeks the benefits of this strategy were clear.  This year I am investing 55% of my capital in video production advertising and will be looking to increase this again in the following year if all goes well.

Television Advertising – Expensive and Out-dated?

Advertising on television used to be one of the most important ways of promoting a business or brand name.  However I know just how tough the marketplaces can be in these difficult economic times.  These days the spiralling costs of television advertising have meant that many business owners such as myself can no longer afford this marketing method. 

However thanks to new emerging Internet marketplaces there are now other highly successful and more affordable ways to advertise your business.  With my successes with online video advertising I will not be returning to television advertising again.

Online Video Advertising – Affordable and Effective

In the world of modern business online video production advertising is fast becoming the number one method of generating new sales leads.   This is an affordable method of advertising that has been proved to show high yield benefits to small, medium and large global businesses.

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  • Studies have shown that people are now using the Internet more than ever.  The average amount of leisure time spent on the Internet in the UK is as much as 2 hours per day. 
  • Many people also spend even longer hours on the Internet as part of their working day as well.
  • All of this adds up to a vast audience of people that could be potential targets for video advertising campaigns.
  • Another benefit of online video production advertising comes in the form of Google AdWords. 
  • The launch of Google AdWords for video opens up even more opportunities to reach out to new potential clients.
  • Google AdWords is now a major advertising giant and generates millions of dollars of income for businesses around the world by facilitating online exposure for products and brand names.
  • Just think of how many people use the Internet to shop, socialise, bank and find solutions to problems.
  • Video advertising can reach out to people whilst they are online and create significant exposure for businesses and brand names.
  • This can make or break any business whether you operate solely online or you run a traditional bricks and mortar establishment as well.

Online video production advertising is the future. This provides businesses with an affordable and highly effective way to reach out to new target audiences and generate quality sales leads online.

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