Online Marketing Trends You Should Consider in 2013

Looking for creative new ways to market your business and keep your brand relevant in today’s techno-centric consumer market? If so, then you simply must pay close attention to what it happening on the Internet. Here are online marketing trend you should consider in 2013:

Social networks. It seems inevitable that private website visitation will gradually dwindle as business presence in social media increases. Social media giants like Facebook and LinkedIn are already offering great branding opportunities for businesses in the way of hosted content, and this capacity is already growing. Additionally, companies like Microsoft, Cisco Systems, and SalesForce have some impressive plans in the works for offering businesses enterprising solutions for creating their own social networks. When it comes to marketing your business brand in 2013, social media is undeniably where it’s at.


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Video communication. Studies show that email use is declining in every age range other than the 65 and older set. So, what are people now using to communicate? Video! Mobile networks are currently updating to accommodate this trend by updating their equipment to cater to video calls, and it is projected that by 2015, at least 85 percent of Internet traffic will be in video. Take advantage of this growing trend by marketing your brand with video messages, and by offering video communication options for technical support chat, customer service and more.

Mobile device apps. While it is true that many mobile device users are already on the app bandwagon, statistics show that mobile phone users are converting into smart phone users at an exponentially increasing rate, and that current smart phone users are turning to mobile apps more and more to conduct all of their online business. Basic mobile apps are relatively inexpensive to develop, or you can even go all-out with a multifunctional app that allows your subscribers to do anything from order your products to make reservations at your establishment, and from the convenience of their smart phones. Whatever you choose, you simply must have a mobile app for your business if you want to stay current in today’s online marketing world.

Inbound traffic and lead generation. Perhaps the most exciting thing about marketing on the web is the opportunity you have to generate inbound traffic (resulting in increased customer numbers for your business) by way of automated lead generation programs. Use your website to promote offers and attract visitors in a way that will grow your business with the help of companies that specialize in lead generation, such as Midwest Marketing.

As you can see, the Internet offers some cutting edge marketing opportunities for your business. Stay current (and profitable) by taking advantage of these exciting trends.

About the Author: Thaddeus Slaney is currently creating a strategy plan for his website for the new year. When he’s not working, you can find him looking at new Twitter smileys from MyEmoticons and experimenting with creating his own emoticons for Facebook!

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