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Every wise business owner knows that Facebook can help them to draw a wider audience and encourage a following. However, how can you tell if that following is actually loyal or if they just visit your page long enough to “like” it, then ignore it? In the world of social media marketing, what does it really mean to have thousands of followers? Do those “likes” really add up to increased revenue and an increased following of loyal customers? Or is it just an empty status symbol that doesn’t bring any real value to your business? Facebook by itself is just a tool that can’t do much on its own, but with proper loyalty management you can use this tool to generate more revenue and increase your following of customers who actually like your business.

Incentives Can’t Be A One-Time Thing

Social media incentives work like a charm for drawing people to your profile page and getting as many “likes” as possible in a short period of time. Offering monetary rewards or free products will most likely draw in new customers by the masses, but will it last? If you only offer a single one-time incentive to try and increase your Facebook followers, then you probably won’t retain many loyal customers. Customers can be fickle, and to keep their interest you should continue to offer periodic incentives that will keep them coming back to your profile page often to check for updates.

Engage Your Followers

If you can successfully engage your social media followers then they will develop a sense of belonging and will be more likely to remain loyal followers of your Facebook page. One way to engage them is to invite them to make comments on a new product that they have tried, or offer them a reward if they share your Facebook page with some of their friends. If you keep your followers engaged and make them feel like their participation is very important to the success of your company then you will be less likely to get one-time visitors and more likely to develop a loyal customer base.

Always Give Recognition

If you have some very attentive and loyal Facebook fans, make sure you feed the fire and give them some recognition for their loyalty. You may want to feature a loyal fan each week or month on your profile page or send them a gift to show your gratitude for their loyalty. If you consistently give recognition and rewards to those who work the hardest to support your company and share your brand with others, then you will retain your already loyal followers and encourage average followers to step up their game so that they can get recognition too.

Welcome Feedback

If you welcome feedback from your Facebook followers they will sense their importance and may even feel like they have an obligation to help your company succeed. You may be surprised to know that almost everyone has feedback that they consider to be of utmost importance. If you give followers an avenue to express that feedback, you will show those followers how important they are and will be more likely to gain their loyalty for years instead of for the few seconds that it takes them to find and hit the “like” button on your Facebook page.

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