Should An Office Chair Cost The World?

There are many purchases to be made in life where a high price tag denotes the best quality product. In the world of office chairs, however, this is not necessarily the case. The thing to remember when buying an office chair is that there is no such thing as one chair that is the best for everyone, there is only the chair that is best for you. As such it depends very much on your personal requirements as to whether or not you need to spend a fortune on your chair.

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Taller people will have different needs to shorter, heavier people will have different needs to lighter, and men will have different needs to women. If you are thinking about investing in a new chair, take some time to think about what you as an individual need from your chair. Once you know what you are looking for, it makes sense to try out as many chairs as possible before making your decision.

Support Needs

Anyone who is likely to spend time regularly in their office chair needs to think about the kind of support it offers. Sitting for long periods of time has an adverse effect on the health of our backs, including the spinal column and neck and shoulder muscles.

If you intend on spending upwards of an hour or two a day in your chair then you need one that will support these areas and enable you to sit comfortably in the correct posture. Look for adjustable features so you can tailor the chair to your own specific needs. Lumbar support may be vital for some people, especially those who suffer from backache. If you are unfortunate enough to have any long-standing back problems, you may wish to consider a chair that promotes active sitting, such as a saddle seat, stool or exercise ball. These keep the core muscles in constant gentle motion, preventing stiffness and compaction of the spine.

Work Type/Location

The type of work you do and the space you do it in will also affect your decision making process. Home office workers, for example, will probably require a heavier chair that stays in position. Those who work in large open plan offices will have more need for a lighter, easier to move chair, and focus more on wheels and swivel features. If your work requires you to perform a lot of twisting, reaching or bending movements you should be looking for something which will move with you to support your muscles and ligaments.


You may be on a tight budget setting up your first home office, or you may be lucky enough to work for a firm that provides top of the range furniture. Either way, when you bear in mind the above points – just because a chair costs a thousand pounds doesn’t mean it will suit you. You can get very supportive, adjustable chairs for around £80, you can splash out on the latest ergonomic designs for £800 or you can choose something in the middle. Testing is the key – if you do buy a new chair, retain all the packaging and the receipt for at least a few weeks until you are certain that it is the right one for you.

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