Office Chairs – Helping You Choose Between Lightweight and Heavy

With so many different styles of office chair to choose from, deciding which to purchase can be a time-consuming task. There are so many factors to consider, including how supportive it will be, what it costs, what it looks like and what it can do. This article explores just one aspect – when is a lightweight chair best and when should you go for a heavier one?

Who Should Get a Lightweight Chair?

Lightweight chairs are best suited to people whose job requires them to move around a lot. Workers in an open plan office who often move around to confer with colleagues will certainly appreciate not having to lug a heavy chair around with them.


They are also ideally suited for conference rooms where general staff meetings, induction days and lectures take place. Any room that needs to be re-arranged often to accommodate different needs should be populated with lightweight chairs to facilitate this.

Who Should Get a Heavier Chair?

There are two main categories of people who would benefit from a heavier office chair: home workers, and those in upper management. In a home office, chances are everything you need is within easy reach, and you are unlikely to want to pull up a chair at the next desk. You are probably looking to invest in something which will last for many years, and a heavier chair will withstand more usage than a lighter one. People in upper management need to portray an aura of gravitas, and investing in an impressive, solid chair helps to do this. If you’re top dog at your company, you don’t want your chair giving the impression that you are here for only a short time, you want workers to know that you are here to stay.

Benefits of Lightweight Chairs

Although most office chairs do have wheels for ease of movement, a lighter chair offers far more flexibility and is less tiring to manoeuvre. They can be easily re-arranged to accommodate differing needs such as induction day activities. Lightweight materials such as mesh provide the perfect combination of comfort, flexibility and durability to get you through the working day.

Benefits of Heavier Chairs

Heavier chairs do not offer the same ease of movement as their lighter counterparts, but they do offer a more stable, stolid seat. Because they are not in continuous motion they can be set up to the exact specifications of the user and will guarantee to retain those specifications over time. They give a more permanent air to an office, rather than a temporary, transient feel. They tend to last longer and can generally withstand more wear and tear than lighter versions.

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