Mahogany is Out; Comfort is in the Office Inbox

With a big nod of thanks to some innovative companies who dared to break the mold and make it not only ok, but hip, to step back from acres of mahogany, we celebrate the new sense of comfort and relaxation afforded to workers everwhere!

The days of heavy and overwhelming furniture are past and a home-like atomosphere with brighter spaces is coming to the forefront.  Minimal offices are taking shape and mimicking the home office more and more. Office furniture, as the centerpiece, is progressing with technology by becoming lighter and more dynamic.  The changes in technology have played a large role in this and have evened out the playing field for home and office, leading to the two being more alike than different.

Technology has come a long way since the first computer. When computers were first invented, they were so large that they would take up an entire room. Modern technology has now given us many more options: desktops, laptops, netbooks, tablets, and smartphones. A lot of which can now fit in the palm of your hand. As technology keeps improving, computers keep getting smaller, slimmer, and a lot more portable. So how does the changing technology affect the modern office? And how have mobile devices and smaller computers changed office furnishings?

Do Offices Need Lighter Furniture?

Office furniture has to be able to support the computers and equipment placed on it, and when computers weighed more, this meant that the furniture needed to be heavier to withstand the weight. With modern technology making computers that are lighter and slimmer, there is no longer a need for furniture to be as heavy, therefore lighter and more dynamic office furniture is now in demand.

Do Offices Need Less Furniture than before?

With computers getting smaller, they take up less space, which means that offices can now get by with smaller desks and less furniture. By not requiring as much furniture, this can cut costs and make productivity higher.

Benefits and Drawbacks

People need to consider what they are willing to trade for what they must have.   For the time being, a balance must be struck between mass and capability.   For example, to get the benefit of a lighter computer, one might have to sacrifice some on battery power since it would have a smaller battery. But to get a larger battery with more power, one would probably have to accept a heavier computer. 

As technology advances, we are seeing these two opposite ends of the spectrum begin to turn around and meet, contributing to the ongoing excitement in the business tech world.  Other considerations are the heat produced by the various sizes of computers and screen viewing options. One should weigh the benefits and drawbacks and decide if the benefit is worth more than what is being given up.


In a world where technology is ever changing, the modern office is changing as well. Advances in technology give many more options than ever before. From setting up an office to remodeling one, or even deciding that a table at a coffee shop will do, busy executives now have many choices to decide what works best for their business.

David Ching works with EQA Office furniture company, assisting business owners with design, implementaion, and setup of office work spaces.   Stop by the EQA Office Furniture website to view the many options available for all rooms in an office building.

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