Get Your Home Office Set Up Just The Way You Like It

It has recently been reported in the Irish press that plenty of people in this country are not allowing the economic downturn to affect them, by turning to self-employment and becoming entrepreneurs that work at home.

While the factors which lead them to this decision may not be all that positive, with forced early retirement, redundancy and an increased cost of hiring premises really impacting on the costs of running a small business, you still can’t get away from the fact that these workers are being extremely resourceful.


The Revenue Commissioners have backed up this growing trend with figures showing that self-assessed tax submissions are on the rise and that self-employment is on the increase despite the growing levels of unemployment.

In turn, this has had a knock-on effect on those businesses supplying office furniture as they have noticed that it is not just companies kitting out their premises with new equipment, but individuals ordering supplies for their home office.

If you are one of those to join this growing new sales segment and now work from your own home, it is time you ensured that it is indeed a positive experience for you by setting the room up just the way you like it. The environment needs to be conducive to work in, allowing you to set it apart from other rooms in your property – at least psychologically, so you know it is the place you go to work.

However, it must also be comfortable enough for you to want to devote the time needed to make the home working a success, whether you work for yourself or for a firm that allows you to do your working from home.

Either way, you need to select the right kind of office furniture and equipment, while adding a few personal touches that make the room your own. It doesn’t matter whether you have converted your garage to achieve this, have built a dedicated office in the garden or are making use of a box room in the house, get it kitted out ready for all the work you will be doing in there.

Should your business be related to sports massage, personal training, therapy or counselling, you can install the most appropriate furniture accordingly and ensure the space really is fit for purpose as well as being just the way you like it.

This article was written by Steven Gilbert, an expert on interior design, with a strong interest in office furniture that is able to transform an environment.

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